Sunday, September 20, 2015

Preparation for Last Friday's Mini Running Session

Tuesday this week I hopped over to Hobbyone to check out their range of spray paint.  I also ventured over to Austral Modelcraft to have a look around the shop because I could.  I had spent some time the previous day looking for various photos of Cement Silos.  I tried to determine what was the best colour that I could paint the silo for the Club.  Upon return home with a pretty good cement colour I thought, I painted the Cement Silo.  I used two different spray can colours.  For the equipment on the roof, for the attached corrugated iron shed and the roller doors on the silo itself, I used a grey colour that I already had. I used the new cement colour on the silos themselves.  I used some paper masks to keep the colours separate.  After that I did some work on my layout.  I attached the control panels for Acacia Ridge which will control the standard gauge to the dual gauge cross over (this crossover is not yet installed) and the panel for the Terminal end of Fisherman Islands.  I keep realising that I have a couple of wires to solder back onto the track at this end of Fisherman Islands.

On Wednesday in the morning and early afternoon while the boss was visiting her mother, I spent some time scanning over 280 photos of Cassino that were loaned to me by Paul.  That was a big effort.  Upon completion I was exhausted.  So to recover what else would you do? I went to the shed and began working upside down under Acacia Ridge Yard.  I attached the wires from the four departure tracks to the automatic reverser.  I also wired up the narrow gauge tracks and the dual gauge track at Acacia Ridge Yard.  I then tested a HO loco on the standard gauge and it all worked well.  I could not test the narrow gauge as I do not have any of these locos yet.

Thursday was the day before a running session and I needed to just double check that the trains were in the correct places.  I had planned to begin the running session with the fast clock set to 08:00am so I had to move five trains down the track a few crossing loops.  I then realised that in track 2 at Grafton Yard, the two trains there were in the wrong order.  So some shunting occurred to remedy this.  On another train on track 4 at Grafton Yard, the wagons on that train were in the wrong order.  This train is the local shunt that drops off wagons at Cassino, Old Cassino, Lismore and Murwillumbah.  So I had some fun shunting these wagons into the correct sequent for its task the next day.  I also stocked the fridge and did a very basic tidy up.

Everything was set for the running session and the christening of the 12mm track with a loco or two or three.

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