Sunday, January 18, 2015

Still Playing with Lights

Monday evening I went down to the shed and continued my lighting crusade.  I attached the LED light strings from under the South Brisbane Interstate that starts at Nammoona Ballast Siding and runs north around to Fairy Lane.  I then laid the next run from Fairy Lane to over Fairy Hill Loop.  I then laid the string from to Cassino Meat Works at the entry into the helix south towards Cassino.  Next was did some work on the area under Clapham Yard.  This lights the Glenapp Loop area.  This string was cut short and made into two strings.  The second string is now mounted on two poles that support a home made pelmet of aluminium internal plasterers angle which contains the other half string and lights the southern end of Glenapp Loop.  I am thinking of creating some sort of supported pelmet to light the area from Glenapp Loop to the end of The Risk Loop.  I will also fit a high level pelmet above the layout above the area from Cassino to Old Cassino.  I will do the same south of Kyogle with two pelmet sections from Kyogle to Fairy Hill Loop.
Today I purchased some power boards that allow me to plug a number of the LED light power supplies into a single power board and then turn on a single switch and get 4 or 6 sets of layout LED lights to illuminate.  So still a bit more work to do with the lights and some areas certainly need another string of lights set parallel with the first to produce more light.  I will be playing with some of the pelmet designs during the week as I have Thursday off to take my son to a cricket trial.
This view shows Glenapp Loop on the left being lit.  On the top right of the picture you can see the pelmet I made shining light over the southern end of Glenapp Loop.
This is the southern end of Glenapp Loop with the disabled wagon siding in the foreground.
Looking into the Cassino/Old Cassino Aisle.  The lights have been turned on here.  I need additional light on between Cassino and Old Cassino via a high pelmet - aluminium angle shown laying across the layout.  I will also add more lights to Old Cassino and Murwillumbah on the right.

On the opposite side of the right peninsular in the previous photo above, we have Kyogle on the middle level and Lismore on the bottom.  The top will be Fishermans Island when it is eventually laid.

The shot shows my new road over rail bridge in the area between Lismore and Murwillumbah.

The top of the helix is where Ron and Marg's Bed and Breakfast is located and it is now well illuminated.

Moving further to the right, we see Nammoona Ballast Siding also being illuminated.

On the bottom deck on the entry to the helix is Cassino Meatworks.  It now has a set of lights above it.

Further north we get to Hotham Street and the southern entry to Cassino.

Directly above Cassino Meatworks is Fairy Hill Loop on the exit of the helix.  This is directly below South Brisbane Interstate on the level above.

Looking north from Fairy Hill Loop we see the extend of the lights.  I will eventually add a second string of LED lights to this level.

Looking south from the previous position we see the rest of Fairy Hill Loop as the track heads off towards Ron and Marg's Bed and Breakfast and the then descent down the helix via Nammoona Ballast Siding and then to Cassino Meatworks below.

I had a very good running day yesterday at Anthony’s Border District layout with a few mates.  I was Control and I think most things ran quite well.  We completed the total 12 hour diagram of 21 trains.  We had two sets of two man crews – a Victorian crew and a South Australian crew (each running trains with that state's motive power), with the host being the Tatiara Downs Yard Master who does most of the shunting at that location assisted by the two road crews, and then myself.  I did get to run a couple of trains, but it was great setting the points and signals for the various trains in operation.  Not wanting to be mean, but I was quite pleased to see that the first two trains that ran in the session, had issues with two wagons in the dirt (low coupler and some issue with a four wheeler).  I think they were the only issues that occurred all session except for a few uncouplings over a permanent kadee magnet in the staging yard.  It was a great session and I will enjoy going back and doing that job or a driver's job again.

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