Sunday, January 11, 2015

More Lights

On Friday afternoon a delivery man turned up at the door after 4:00pm and delivered my package of 10 strings of 5m LEDs from China.  So when I got home from work I tested each of the strings with a single power supply that I unpacked.  Nine of the 10 strings worked, but one only lit half the string.  That should be easily fixed, with a loose connection somewhere in the reel of LEDs.  The only issue I had was that they did not send my replacement power supply with the package for my previous order – as arranged.  So I was a little ticked off.  I very politely (not) reminded them of this fact.
Today I finished testing all the power supplies that came with the LED lights and they all seem to work.  I temporarily rigged two of the strings up in the pergola area, as I was happy enough to fit them permanently to provide additional light when we are in the pergola.  I showed these to the boss tonight and she was nonplussed.  So it looks like they will end up in the shed.
So after a bike ride this arvo, I went down to the shed and used one of new power supplies to power up the Cassino string of LEDs so logically replacing the bad power supply from the previous order.  I then laid the next string of LEDs from the Cassino Signal Box down to the coal stage, across over the turntable and then up to Old Cassino Station.  I gave these a test and I was happy.  I then laid the next run of LEDs from Old Cassino platform around the blob that adds distance between Old Cassino and Lismore stations with the LED string running out at the Lismore Oil Siding.  I turned these on and again they looked pretty good.  I then rolled out the LED run from the Lismore Oil Siding through Lismore platform and that string ended up near the river at the far end of Lismore.  I then laid the next run from the river around the blob that forms the time waster between Lismore and Murwillumbah and they run past the new Road over Bridge that I installed in December and the LED string runs out just short of Murwillumbah.  So I tested these two LED runs and they also work very well.
I had a 5m string of warm white LEDs hanging around for some time.  I had previously laid these out on top of the Fishermans Islands baseboard above Kyogle to gauge how far they will run if I was to attached them to the underside of that baseboard to light Kyogle.  So I got around to doing just that.  I affixed this LED string to under the Fishermans Islands baseboard and it runs from the beginning of Cougal Spiral across the Upper Richmond River Bridge at Kyogle, through Kyogle Station and they run out at the far end of Kyogle.  I tested these with one of the power supplies I just received and they seem to do a pretty good job as well.  I may replace this string with the brighter ones but I will leave it here for a while as a trial.
I have also stretched out a string of LED lights from the beginning of the Nammoona Ballast Siding and it will eventually runs around under the blob that carried the track from South Brisbane Interstate into Park Road Sidings.  The string just finishes short of Fairy Lane level crossing.  The next string will run from there following the Fairy Hill Crossing Loop and end just short of Kyogle.  So I will end up with a section of track from where the warm white lights at Kyogle end to where these lights end and they will probably be about half a run of LED lights.  I think I will have to start laying the lights from Kyogle backwards towards Nammoona, and end up with the left over run of lights at that position.  That might allow me to run a few lights down Fairy Lane to show that area off.
I will try and finish the laying of the next three strings of LED lights before the Australia Day long weekend, so I can show it to the running crew who turn up on that weekend.

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  1. Hi Phil,

    Are these strings of LEDs flexible or fixed?

    Regards Daryl