Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Bridge Works - now for a lot more.

Went down to the shed before lunch today and installed the water pipe to enable the good people of Cassino to get fresh water.  The pipe runs across the Richmond River Bridge.  I then cleaned the track and then got down to running a few test trains across the bridge.  First a single loco, then a double header and finally a triple header.  The layout has not been run for a number of months and with all the work being undertaken around the river crossing, there was quite a bit of plaster dust that had settled on the track and caused it to be slightly intermittent in a few places.

So after lunch I went back down to the shed as promised to run a few trains for the blog.  To keep me company, I had the TV on to watch the Bulls beat NSW in the one day final as well as switching back to forward to the V8's down at the Gold Coast.

Well in the first video, my son run the train while I captured the footage. 

I then bit the bullet and started to re-position all the trains for the start of a next operating session for the layout that will occur after Christmas this year.  I guess that means that I have about 8 weeks to get everything in shape.  While running a few trains from one end to the layout to the other, I also took some more video of a few more trains traveling across the bridge.  The next was a ballast from Old Cassino heading back to Grafton Loops:-

This was followed by a container triple header container train heading to Clapham Yard.

While I was positioning the trains, I was making notes of items that need to be fixed prior to the next session.  There is still quite a lot more work to do at Clapham Yard.  I removed a set of points and never replaced them.  I will also need to install about a half dozen point motors at the Northern end of the Loop and create the panel to control them.  This will allow the semi-automated control of trains through the Loop as well as into Loco Pilly.  It seems that some of my point motor addresses has gone awry.  While throwing some points for Acacia Ridge Yard associated with the arrival of trains into the Yard, points in Clapham Yard were firing.  Whoops!  I will have to review the point motor addresses set here.

I will also be putting out feelers for the running crew for the next session. I will see on what day I can get the greatest numbers of attendees.  It will either be the 27th, 28th or 29th of December.

Next Sunday is the RMCQ Buy and Sell at the RMCQ Clubrooms starting at 11:00am.  There will be plenty of NSW stuff for sale.

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