Saturday, October 26, 2013

Running Session – Station Master at Tatiara Downs

Today Shelton and I went to Anthony’s layout – The Border District.  This layout is based on the Victorian and South Australian Border region in around 1976.  We were joined by Mark another VR Modeller for the running session.  So today I was the odd man out.  I got the job as being the Station Master at Tatiara Downs.  I had to co-ordinate with Train Control for access to the mainline should a shunt engine need to do that, or to go from one side of the station to the other, as well as ensure that  any crosses that occurred went smoothly.  It was quite common for one or both of the trains in the cross to also need to drop off and/or pick up loading at the loop as well.  The station is signalled with two position lights.  There are also a third aspect that allows shunt movement, either to the headshunts at either end of the station or out onto the mainline.  I had at least 7 trains through the station while I was there, as well as one train each leaving from the dock platform or the yard.  There were two locomotive change over jobs as well, with swapping of SAR and VR motive power occurring.  At times it was quite full on and without the help of Train Control I could not have done it very well.  All wagons have wagon cards that advise where the wagon needs to be placed, or sent to.
During the Operating Session apparently some dodgy loco driver actually let a light engine movement to the loco get out of control and he collided with a parked T class and sent the T class careering into the turntable pit.  That person certainly needs to smarten up his act.  Later on in the session another driver went through a set a points that were not set for him and ended up derailing a GY (I think) wagon.  I think this railway needs to ensure that better qualified drivers are employed for future operating sessions.
It was a great day with great people.  Thanks Anthony for the invite.  I had a great time.  I think I actually learnt something.

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  1. Craig,
    Dodgy drivers indeed (nudge, nudge). Thanks for being there and "having a go", I tip my hat to you. A New South Welshman taking on the toughest of roles on the Border District ...