Sunday, August 11, 2013

Time for a Break

With the full weekend of model railwaying now over, I feel I need a break from model railroading to recharge the enthusiasm levels.  I'm just plain tuckered out.  On Thursday I installed decoders in 5 locos, 2 x 80, 2 x 421 and 1 x 442.  I also spent some time re-looking at an Austrains DL class whose front headlight and that combination marker lights (white front and red rear) will not work.  If it was my loco I'd replace the internal board with a hard wired decoder and fix the issue.  I think the decoder's front headlight function has blown and is not putting out enough power.

I have just spent the best part of two days on the door at our Club's - Pine Rivers Model Train and Hobby Exhibition with my welcoming team.  Attendance numbers were down this year by quite a few when compared to the last few years, but given that the weather was hot and sunny, I'm sure many potential attendees went to the coasts and many more went to the Bronco's game today.

We had quite a few very good layouts in attendance.  I did gather a few photos so I hope to post some photos over the next few days when I regain some motivation.  Well Wednesday is a Public Holiday in Brisbane, so I might get back into the shed.  Maybe I will be recharged enough by then.

This Saturday I have an invite along with two other bloggers (Darren and Shelton) to attend another blogger's layout (Anthony).  We're off to the Border District - somewhere between Melbourne and Adelaide.  But more on that next weekend after the visit.

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