Sunday, May 19, 2013

Visitors and a Buy and Sell

This week has been busy with railway related activities. On Tuesday I had the guys over for an evening of them telling me there is no room in the shed to hold the meeting.  I still gave them tea and coffee, biscuits as well as crackers and dip.  The guys did check out the scenery that is progressing from the Bruxner Highway north towards Cassino where it branches to Murwillumbah.
On Thursday I fitted decoders to two 80 class locos for a Club member. I then wired up the LED’s that were already in the locos to the headlight functions of the decoder – along with 1K ohm resistors.
On Friday afternoon had a quick kick of the soccer ball with Kyle before I started getting items together that I wanted to sell at our Club’s Buy and Sell on Sunday. Saturday was soccer and Kyle's team drew 1-1 with one of the top teams. The little guys guys played out of their skins. It was absolutely great to watch. A quick visit to the hobby shop followed and while he had more decoders come in, no D14SR’s or N14SR’s. I ordered a few more again.  Perhaps next week or the week after.  I really want to get back to my 73 classes and get them running.
On Saturday afternoon, I had two guys from the Club make the visit across town and check out the layout. Kev and Ralph got a tour, and then ran a train from one end to the other. They ran elephant style from Grafton Yard all the way to Glenapp Loop, with Ralph running ahead and around Acacia Ridge Yard before managing a cross before Kev ran around the Acacia Ridge return loop and they both made it back to Grafton Yard. Ralph is not a DCC person and was using my radio throttle and Kev brough his powercab over, so was plugging in around the layout. The layout had not been run since the time I ran a few trains with Shelton a couple of weeks following the last Running Session. That is months ago. I had to use the track rubber around Cassino and Bonalbo Ballast Siding as I had been liberally spraying white glue around there to stick the dirt and scatter for the scenicing I had been undertaking over the last month or so. Just before the guys arrived I had almost completed the running of a train from one end to the other myself, spreading a few drops of oil around in the process. The layout did run quite well.
Today I went to the Club with Kyle and we tried to sell a few items that were excess to my needs.  I had promised him all the takings from the magazines I had and he pocketed the princely sum of $1.  We also sold a number of items that my father-in-law gave me.  I split the takings between between Kyle and his sister for on item and Kyle and myself for the other.  The kids wer rapt getting a bit of an income.  I sold a few wagons and just could not keep my hands off a 44 class loco in grey ghost livery.  It was even lightly weathered.  I do remember seeing the Grey Ghost shunting in Clapham Yard many many years ago.
So I've picked up another 80 class loco to DCC for a Club member and also one of his 44 class locos to fix as it was not running.  I have already reset the decoder and tried NCE Recovery Programming on the loco and it now seems to be working again.
Damn! Another 5 days at work now before I get another couple of days off and some time back in the shed.  I have certainly lost interest in going to work at the moment given the news that we are to be "Divested" whatever that means.  There are all sorts of rumours abounding.  We have to wait up to 3 months to see what that really means.  I'm looking towards upcoming Lotto draws to see if I can win about $500K and with that I will not have a care in the world about work. 
This week I will try and DCC my new 44 Class loco, the club members's 80 class and I will see if I can get one of my 73 class locos back working as I now have a replacement light board thanks to the great guys at Auscision.  I will also look at where my next scenicing adventure will be on the layout.  I will post some photos next week showing the recently completed scenery.  It is currently too cold to go down to the shed and get some photos now.

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