Sunday, May 26, 2013

Decodering and Planning

This week I planned to do some decoder work, but I did not get around to it until today.  I installed a D13SRJ decoder into an Trainorama 4499 Grey Ghost Loco that I picked up at our Buy and Sell last weekend.  I then installed a D13SRJ decoder into the 80 Class Austrains loco that one of the guys from the Club gave to me to do for him, also last weekend.  I also replaced the headlights with LED’s on the 80 class.   For the 44 class I just installed a 270 ohm resistor for the rear lights and a 180 ohm resistor for the front headlights.  I tested both on the test track and they worked well.
I still do not have the N14SR decoders so I can finish the second of my 73 Class locos.  But I have moved the 73's to the work bench and I will be fixing up the lights on them this week.  I actually gave one a test run and set its long address on the layout today.
While down the shed, I ran a double 80 class consist from Rappville Loop through Cassino and out the other side to the Meatworks and back again about 4 times.  Did you know it is difficult to focus a video camera at the same time as walking around the layout and controlling the speed of the train.  The resulting video was as jumpy as anything and it was almost giving me motion sickness watching it back on my PC.  So I will not post it here.  I will see if I can get one of the kids to control the train next week and I will try again.
My attention then turned to the Richmond River crossing just south of Cassino.  I had made a couple of items that can be used in the scratch built Pratt Truss bridge and its girder sections either side of it, as well as the plaster cast bridge piers.  I will assemble all the information I have, to get my head around the relative lengths of each span and what type it will be, over the next few weeks.  I will also try and find a good photo of the Richmond River bridge that shows the number of box sections in the bridge itself.  I will see if I can then make it either to scale or slightly shorter than the prototype.
During the week, Peter from the north coast branch of the Tuesday Nighters, rang up and advised that he had a mate whom was selling a lot of track and points, among other items that would have been of interest to American modellers – buildings, rollingstock etc..  I still require track for Fisherman Islands Yard when it finally gets built so I put my hand up for this bargain.  I picked the track up tonight from Peter’s daughter’s place just about 1km away in my suburb.
One of the things that I did do this week was preparation for our Club’s 40th Birthday celebration in two weeks at our Clubrooms at Brendale.  I wrote the various bio’s for the recipients for the various awards that were ratified at last Wednesday night’s Executive meeting, which will be handed out in two weeks.  I have also ordered the various awards and plaques that will be handed out at that event.
Here are some photos of the scenery that has been put in place either side of Cassino over the last month or so.
On the entry into Cassino, we have the Bruxner Highway to the top left.  The Bonalbo Ballast Sidings are still covered by masking tape from when the base scenery was put down in this area.  At the bottom right is where the Richmond River bridge starts.

Once across the Richmond River Bidge, the track curves into Cassino.  The Barker Street walkway can be seen as the bitumen colour at top right.  The road on the other side has not yet been stained and the walkway has not yet been built.

The entry under Simpson's Parade.  The general freight sits in the loop.  The white pieces of paper mark where buildings will be located.  The overhead booking office is in position.

This photo shows the booking office up close as well as the platform (without any station building) and the location of various houses behind the railway.

The far end of Cassino Station, showing the fettler's shed and the scenery making its way around towards the Shell oil siding on the branch line to Old Cassino at top right.

Looking at the fettler's shed and the scenery on either side of the railway to the north of Cassino Platform.  The 80's in the Loop and the 48 class with a few cattle and sheep wagons making up the shunt to the loco meatworks siding, awaiting its path in the timetable.

The branch line diverging to Murwillumbah on the right is obvious in this shot.  The area behind the two disabled wagon sidings in the distance has not yet been completed, apart from an initial paint of the plaster.  The tracks are still covered by masking tape to keep them protected.

My latest decodered 44 Class loco.  This one was also slightly weathered.  A good bargain indeed.

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