Friday, December 28, 2012

A Day at the Club Cutting Wood

On Thursday morning I made my way across town to the Club. Our President on the previous Wednesday had picked up an order of 12 sheets of 2400 x 1200 x 4mm MDF from our local supplier – Janden Wood Products. We use these to make up storage trays that we fit foam inlays into – from Hanovale. We get Janden to make the four laser cuts along the 2400mm side at 43.5cm across each sheet. That makes it easier for us when we get the wood back to the Club rooms.  We don't have to man handle 2400 x 1200 sheets of MDF in the Triton workbenches.
So at 9:00am I arrived at the Club to find two other members waiting for me. Soon after Darryl and his father-in-law Don arrived. Then there was a good stream of about 8 other Club Members turning up for our tray making working bee. We had 2 and a half Triton saw benches turn up. Don’t ask how a half a Triton turned up – for that you will have to ask our Vice President – Greg. As we had quite enough guys working on the Tritons, Greg took to mowing the grass on our Club’s Ride-on mower. PK and a few others were filling up the Club trailer with various junk that we found from a clean up of the Clubrooms.
So, in about 1 hour, we cut up 152 tray bases - 43.5cm x 32cm. We cut up about 301 long sides for the trays and about 270 short sides for the trays. Don’t worry about the odd numbers as we had a few extra sides (both long and short) left over in the Club Shop from our last production run. We even still have a few we made for the OO guys left over (which we make about 1cm higher). We sell the trays in kit form of 1 base, 2 long sides and 2 short sides for $2.00. Members just need to put the trays together - glue and small tacks. These trays are just great, as well as storing rollingstock, and locomotives in the foam inlays from Hanovale which we get in HO and N scale, with the rebates running both longways and crossways, we can put tools in them, plans, books, electrical items, finished models, paints, and the list of uses is literally endless. I must have over 40 of these trays scattered around my shed with various items in them. Selling the trays provides a source of income for the Club.
I did take my camera over to the Club to record the happenings, but things moved so fast that I did not take any photos.
I would like to thank all those members who turned up on the day ready for work and helped out with teh various tasks.
On my way home, I popped into Jaycar at Aspley to pick up a few items I needed to finish off the Intercom system for the top deck of the layout. No sooner had I started rummaging through the resistor trays, when I heard “Hi Craig, how are you? You’re a long way from home”. It was a fellow railway modeller – Tyler,working at what I assume is his day job. The people you see in all sorts of strange places and what is even stranger is that they know me!

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  1. In my defense your Honour, it was more than half a Triton. Every thing was there EXCEPT the cutting fence which was needed from a safety reason more than anything. I was personally surprised that the whole shebang actually fitted in the boot of the Magna sedan! As there were two Triton's already setup I decided to fool around..oops meant to say safely use the ride on mower and knock down the Christmas growth.