Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Change of Pace

On Monday this week at work, the latest copy of Model Railroader was sent around for reading. I saw a photo of a nice scene and noticed in one of the warehouses what appeared to be some of those metal shelving systems, most commonly used in everyone’s garage or workshop or shed. So I thought that I might make one or two. Guess what I have in my garage? A set of shelves. A quick look at mine, while turning on the Christmas lights for the night and they were about 5 foot high, about 4 foot wide and just over 12 inches deep. They had 5 shelves. So some quick calculations 5 x 3.5, 4 x 3.5 and I went down to the shed a rummaged through my styrene collection of channel and strip.
This is what transpired.
Two sets of shelves.  One is 4 shelves high at about 5 foot, while the other is 3 shelves high at just over 3 foot.
I used some 0.020" x 0.020" for the uprights and two different types of channel.  Pretty simple!  Saturday morning I hit them with the grey undercoat.  I couldn't find any silver paint to give it the galvanised look.

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