Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Damn Internet

It has been a while between drinks and I have broken my long line of weekly posts.  I have not had internet access for quite some time.  I'm currently on holidays with the kids as it is school holidays in Qld.  But I'm back online for the moment.
As mentioned in my last post (a few weeks back now), the next Tuesday was a gathering of the Tuesday Nighters at my place. We had a good turnout, with two regulars missing – one supposedly on call, an the other recovering from an operation. Pretty lame excuses if you ask me. Any way, we spent many a minute speaking about those not there behind their backs.
We had Brendan fresh back from OS showing off his nice GSV’s. He placed them on the top deck of my helix, and they started to roll down hill. They did look pretty good. We discussed the old time trick of populating these wagons with cotton balls to simulate sheep inside. I suggested that that may not work in these wagons, as the steel rails are so fine, you can see right through. The wagon may then look like it is a wagon full of cotton balls and not simulated sheep.
Peter has his collection of Oak Milk wagons. They also looked very good. I’m waiting until someone brings out some Norco wagons, as my three dairies that I’m modelling (Murwillumbah, Old Cassino and Kyogle) are all Norco Dairies. Does anyone know what is on the horizon?
Peter also made use of my Powercab, to find out what address he had set his Eureka Cream and Green CPH to. It ended being set to Long Address 6 or ‘06’. We then set Peter’s NN class 1311 to that address. It was set to 3. I really need to commit to memory, CV62 = 0 to turn off acknowledgement on a QSI sound decoder. I can never remember the next time I need to change someone’s loco.
The main reason for the get together was to get everyone to check out the top deck extension at South Brisbane Interstate and Park Road Sidings. The guys were also trying out my small stools for getting a good visual access to the top deck.
A photo of the three levels of deck, Cassino Meatworks on the bottom, Fairy Hill Loop in the middle and South Brisbane Interstate on the top.

Photo of top deck at eye level.

Top deck of South Brisbane Interstate in the foreground and Park Road in the background from the stool.

Other conversations during the night centred around Lefty stuffing his ribs, Brendan’s Ski holiday, DCC Snubbers, different types of busses on the NCE DCC setup.  A great night I think.

Last weekend I was at a wedding so that totally stuffed my weekend.  It was a great weekend. I also might have some interesting photos to post in the next few days as well.

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  1. Nice pictures, keep em coming :)

    Blue ad Gold models have "Blocks of Sheep" which are a better option than using a bajillion individual sheep, once painted and loaded they look pretty good.

    website: www.blueandgoldmodels.com.au/