Sunday, October 14, 2012

All Back to Normal Now

The last three weeks I’ve been in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England with the family to attend a family wedding. Well we are all back home now but still tired. We all had a great time and took lots of photos. The answers to last weeks questions were:-
1 – Lansdowne Road Station, with a DART service and a longer distance service crossing. We stayed about 100m down the road.

2 – Central Station in Glasgow

3 – Edinburgh Waverley Station from the over bridge.

4 – Edinburgh Waverley Station from the over bridge.

5 – Future Light Rail being installed in Edinburgh.

6 – Edinburgh Waverley Platform #2 before a long distance service from London arrived.

Here is a picture of that train arrived

7 – On the service from Edinburgh to London King’s Cross.

8 – Turntable somewhere south of Darlington between Edinburgh and London King’s Cross.
We travelled by all modes of transport - Bus, Train, Tube, Barge, Inter Country Ferry as well as plane.
Now I’ve seen the Model of the Lima carriage cleaning accessory, but I never knew that real versions of that piece of infrastructure actually existed. Well it does and I now have photos of a couple of versions.
The carriage washer

The same one further along.

Another washer.

And Another.
We also went past the York National Railway Museum.
This is as close as we got to the museum.
My next update will have some photos from a Model Railway Club I visited while in London.

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