Sunday, July 15, 2012

Request for Pics

In response to last week's post, I had someone ask for more photos of my Cougal Spiral.  I had forgotten about it until I was about to write this post.  So I nicked down to the shed and took a few photos - nothing spectacular, but hopefully of some help.

Looking north on Cougal Spiral - quite bare with no trees

Moving north about 2 feet, with a better view of the two tunnel mouths

Spinning around 180 degrees and looking south from basically the same position as the above photo.  The piece of wood at the top of the photo is the headshunt at the end of Fisherman Islands branch

Stepping back from the location of the above photo.  This one shows two photos displayed on the facia that were taken by a mate who was a locomotive driver for Pac Nat.  They were taken from the spiral.  You can also clearly see the Fisherman Islands Branch baseboard.

Another photo taken looking down from behind the spiral.  The spiral is basically an oval.  Down below on the bottom deck you can see the headshunt at the far end of Murwillumbah.  The left track is the Norco Siding, the middle is the main and the right is the Cement Siding.  The corn flakes box is there the cement silo will be built.   At the top of the photo in the distance is the top deck of the layout showing the area between Glenapp and The Risk loops.  Above that is the narrow track baseboard for the future extension to Fisherman Islands and South Brisbane Interstate.

Hopefully these are what my Commenter was after.

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