Sunday, July 29, 2012

More Baseboard Planning

This week started with a trip to Mike’s for our Tuesday Nighters’ get together.  The night before I received a phone call from Lefty asking to be picked up for Tuesday Nighters as “& Son” was on call. He proceeded to advise his pickup address, it was then that I realised that he was in Mackay – just a little bit too far to go. I guess that was his attempt at humour. I think he should put more time into updating his blog.  However he was doing a favour for me as he was having a beer or two with Peter Ford.  That reminds me I must get around to doing that thing I need to do.

Tuesday turned out to be another great night of entertainment and learning.  As we were leaving, Geoff mentioned that he was thinking of having a "Friday night modelling get together" at his place, this week, but later on during the week, we all received an SMS advising he was having to work back on Friday. Bugger! Them’s the breaks!

I mentioned to Darren on Tuesday night that I was thinking of getting some more sheets of Ply for teh next basebaord area. I asked if he does deliveries and he advised that he does. Later during the week, I received a phone call advising that he had two sheets of ply loaded on his truck and was on his way. I just need to get the money to him now - I think that was Thursday that he made the delivery.  When I finally got home from work on Thursday night I moved the sheets of ply down into the Shed.

The previous night (Wednesday) I had been using my train planning paper, made up of 1cm squares, to design the new layout area from Dutton Park to Park Road and on to South Brisbane Interstate. When I use this graph paper, the squares basically represent 1 foot square areas of my layout, or for the metrically minded approximately 30cm square. I then cut this final baseboard plan out from the planning sheet and also cut two templates that worked out as the 8’ x 4’ sheets. I then tried to work out how to most economically fit the various pieces of baseboard onto the 2 sheets of 8’ x 4’. I did this and I can actually make it fit on just these two sheets.

Saturday rolled around and I got the two sheets of 8’ x 4’ ply out of the shed, with the help of Kyle, and we proceeded to cut out the basic shape for South Brisbane Interstate from one sheet and then the baseboard from Dutton Park to Park Road and most of the the area for Park Road Sidings.  From the second sheet, I cut two rather large baseboards which were each about 100 degrees of 90cm radius curves which is just short required baseboard to go from Park Road Sidings around about a 270 degree curve.

Today I went to Bunnings and picked up a couple of lengths of 42mm x 19mm Pine which will be used to make my el-cheapo ‘L’ Girder with the ply. I have started cutting up some lengths of pine and screwing it to main wood posts on the layout.

I’m on holidays this week so in between watching the Olympics on TV, I think you might find me in the shed doing some more baseboard work.

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