Sunday, May 27, 2012

More Trees

Tuesday this week I had to take the car to the car doctor so it could have a transplant or two.  A women changed lanes on top of me a few weeks ago as we were heading to my niece's wedding.  As my appointment with the assessor and the panel beater was in the middle of the day, I decided to stay home from work.  So in the morning I went to Bunnings to buy some 'No More Gaps'.  That afternoon, I resumed residence in the shed and tristed up a wire storm, with about a dozen more trees twisted up.  I also went through a fair bit of solder to ensure the tree trunks were well supported and didn't sag over.  I then trimmed them up a bit to ensure the wire for the branches were a good length.

That night I started applying the no more gaps.  I was quite happy with the result. 

I didn't do any tree work on Wednesday as I had to watch the Mighty Maroons beat the Blues. What a great result! Looks like another clean sweep coming up.

On Friday night I resumed adding the no more gaps to my trees while I watched the Broncos get done.  I then hit the trees with another coat on Saturday afternoon.  My kids are intrigued with the making of these trees.  They keep asking is that plaster you are painting on?

So I think that the cluster of trees I now have sitting on the dining room table in a tray are ready to go down the shed and get a coat of bark (paint) on them.  I will mix a few different shades of bark (paint) and see how they go.  It has been many years since I've painted trees and I've forgotten what I did.

Also yesterday I had trouble with one of my Procab throttles.  It would not fully power up.  last night I gave the RJ12 plug at the bottom a few wipes and today I tried it again and it is now working.  I assume some sort of barrier has built up on some of the wires in the plug.

Today I went to the working bee at school and helped lay a couple of Lok Block walls.  My poor back and arms are now killing me from carting those blocks about and hammering the blocks repeatedly with my mallet to get them level.  When I got home from school I had recieved a phone call from a mate who wants a few decoders put into a few of his Hornby Locos.  Myself - I wouldn't bother.  I'd just replace the British outline stuff with good old Aussie outline kit from Auscision, Austrains, Trainorama, and Eureka.  So I rang David back and he came over with his younger brother Chris, and eventually Chris's son Adam who lives in the next suburb (almost opposite the kids school) also came over.  So I showed the two newcomers over the layout and ran a few sound locos to show off - a Garratt and a Tsunami 44 class.

Over the next few weekends, my outlook is focusing on the next running session in a couple of weeks, and I will need to ensure I have everything in place, - beer, softdrinks, a clean desk for North Coast Control, new batteries in the intercom system, and the track tested where I had been doing scenicing to ensure it still runs, etc.  The invite email has gone out to the crew and already I have two declines due to other activities or people being in other states.

Tuesday this week will be at Lefty's, so we will get a chance to run a train or two in his newly laid trackage.  Next weekend is also the Toowoomba Exhibition.  I will try and get there on the Sunday.  I also expect my (and a few of my mate's) BCW's to turn up either tomorrow or Tuesday as I received an email from Werris on Friday advising he has posted them  - Woo Hoo!

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