Sunday, May 6, 2012

Brisbane Model Train Show

Two days down, one more to go.  Tomorrow is the last day of the Brisbane Model Train Show.  I will be there early tomorrow with my helper Geoff.  On Saturday, the numbers through the door seems pretty good.  I couldn't go today, and my normal offsider Jim held the fort at the exhibition in my absence.  Well I'm really his offsider.  There were a couple of layouts at the show have not seen before in the flesh and they were of good quality.  There were of course a number that I had seen before and very much enjoy viewing over and over again.

In particular, we had Queens Wharf, Newcastle, A-Tractiv Effort, Rosevale, Australiana, Dagabar, Broxburn Sidings, and our Club's Brendale, Pine Rivers and Tall Timber Tramway.  I must admit I have not done much looking around the layouts and I have taken no photos as yet.

I plan to get a few photos tomorrow and have a good walk around the layouts.  I certainly caught up with a few people we only see once every year.  I ran into Ian from Coffs Harbour and the bugger even has some working 2-lever lever frames.  So I acquired 4 of them and I intend to try and do the same when they finally get installed on my layout.  Make then working.  that will be a bit effort for me, with that intricate soldering required.  I might have to outsource it to one of the Tuesday Nighters.

I did spend some time talking to the various shops that make their way to our Show.  Of course I spoke to Werris, Brian fromTtrackside Trees, the guys from PGC about their new ready to run 2300 Class in 12mm, Warren from Gwydir and Ian from Simply Glues.  I must not forget the guys from Auscision a well.  I am hanging out by two 73 class locos and an XPT with a few extra coaches and power car.  It is really great to catch up with these people, but it is pitty that it occurs only once a year.

I did catch up with two ex Tuesday Nighters - Jim and Peter.  I also caught up with an ex Club Member and an ex member from another Club that I belonged to.  The exhibition scene is certainly a very social environment.

Besides the normal people who know about my blog, only one person said to me - "Oh are you Craig from Craig's Shed".  So if you are visiting the show, call in tomorrow and say you follow or lurk on my Blog.

Today, after getting home from a party I set up shop on the kitchen table and proceeded to install an Alco 251 V12 Soundtraxx decoder into a club mate's 44 Class. I then installed a decoder into another club mate's Powerline 81 class. I also wired up his headlights, rear headlight, and the white and red marker lights. What a chore! I hate these locos. I will never do another one. Oh well they are now ready for them to run on the layout at the show tomorrow.

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