Sunday, September 18, 2011

National Take a Train to Work Day is Nov. 18th

A while back a young lady at work whose father is into model trains had advised that the 18th of September (tomorrow) was "National Take a Train to Work Day", however, upon doing a Google search, it turns out that Classic Toy Trains magazine has earmarked Nov. 18th 2011 as that day.  I had planned on taking a circle of track (18" radius) to work along with my NCE Powercab and a Tsunami equipped 44 Trainorama Class and setting it up on a round table in my cell block at work, just big enough to suit 18" radius curves.  I was then going to turn up the horn and annoy the proverbial out of everyone within earshot.  I was told the right day, just the wrong month.

Now after packing my bag for tomorrow, it looks like I'm 2 months too early.  So let's all pencil 18th November into our collective diaries.  That's good as I will be flat strap at work tomorrow and for the rest of the week so I really will not have time to show off my hobby tomorrow at work.

Friday 18th November.

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