Sunday, September 25, 2011

Headset Progress - Almost Complete

Last week after Brendan came over and fixed my wiring problem of a loose wire causing a short circuit in my system, besides my test set, I had 4 plug-in-points working and I had run my distribution bus to another two plug-in-points but it was not soldered to the panels on the facia.  Saturday this week I got stuck into wiring up more plug-in-points for the headset system.  I wired up the first two plugs that were ready and did a test. They were good.  So I decided to press on.
My bus between each plug-in-point consists of 5 wires.  This is a 4-wire alarm cable that I had previously purchased for my staff system and a separate single wire. Well on Saturday I started running the wire bus from the end of where I was up to, to the panel quite some distance away at Cassino Station. From here the bus started to branch out in various directions.  This point then linked to the run over to Old Cassino, as well as continuing around the bottom level to Bonalbo Ballast siding, Grafton yard, Rappville Loop, Rocla Siding and then Acacia Ridge yard.  This of course is not in crossing loop order, but the order in which to connect the plug-in-points up using the least amount of wire. 
The connect from Old Cassino also splits up into two directions.  The first link from Old Cassino goes from one side of the peninsula to the other in this case to Kyogle. From Kyogle the bus runs to Lismore, then to Kyogle Stock Siding and then to Lismore Oil Siding. While I had enough 4-core alarm cable for this section, I ran out of the single core wire for the 5th wire in the bus.
The second link from Old Cassino goes up to the top deck to Border Loop.  This will be linked around the top deck to The Risk.  But I actually started wiring from the far end of this run from Glenapp back to The Risk, It was then that I also ran our of 4-core alarm cable to go from The Risk around to Border Loop.  So this means that I am about 6 or 7 metres of cable short.  So after a quick trip to Jaycar with my little apprentice who was very interested in the remote control helicopters on display.  I picked up two new rolls of 25m cable for the 5th wire in the bus and I resumed soldering up this single cable upon return home.  This wire started from Glenapp to the Risk and ran back to Border Loop.
I then switched back to the other side of the peninsula and laid the single wire from Old Cassino, across to Kyogle, Lismore, Kyogle Stock Siding, and then to Lismore Oil Siding.  Upon completion of all this wiring for the day, I tested this bus run and they all worked perfectly.  I then moved around to Border Loop, Old Cassino, and Cassino and they all worked as well.
I did have two small sections of 4-core alarm cable left and that enabled me to go from Acacia Ridge to Rocla Sleeper Siding, and from Rappville Loop to Grafton Yard.  Today I wired these in as well as ran the single wire of the bus all the way from Acacia Ridge to Rocla Sleeper Siding, to Rappville Loop, onto Grafton Yard, to Bonalbo Ballast Siding and around to Cassino. 
I think I need about 17m of 4-core alarm cable for this run back around to Cassino.  With my other missing link, I will need around 24m this wire, 25m maximum incase I miscalculated. It does come in a 100m role. I'm sure someone else will want some in the future, or I will be able to use it for some other hair brained use in the shed.  So now I need to track some down.  The last roll I picked up was from Lawrence and Hanson.  Their website is abysmal and I can't tell if they have any or not.  I will ring them up tomorrow and then work out how I can pick some up, or possibly, send the boss on an errand.  I did see that there is some at an e-bay store that allows pickup, so if L&H don't have any, the e-bay store could be an option. 

Today I took the kids to see Johnny English. That was quite good.  We all got a few good laughs.  On return I went to Shelton's place after lunch to check out his new layout design.  It is quite impressive.  I did one of his shunts.  It will be even better when he received his order for more NCE UTP's so he can then end up walking around his layout.  We discussed some scenery options so it will be great at the next Tuesday Nighters when everyone wants to try out his shunts.
I was thinking about quite a few tasks I have to complete before the next running session - whick looks like being 23th of October in the arvo.  I need to install 6 point motors at Kyogle, and then wire up two control panels for Kyogle and a second control panel for Murwillumbah.  The shed then will need a vacuum as well.  Work, work, work!  It never ends.  I must also get around to installing a decoder from a guy in the Club.  Maybe later this week or even next weekend.  Still plenty to keep me entertained.

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