Sunday, April 24, 2011

More Video Footage

So on Good Friday I worked out thanks to PK how to set the date on the camera. What was in the manual did not work, but PK found something buried on a website somewhere and it worked eventually.

So here are the next two installments of my layout travel.

First from Cassino in the Loop round the helix to the top deck at Fairy Hill Loop on the mainline.

The second is from Fairy Hill Loop through Kyogle, over the Upper Richmond River, around the Cougal Spiral and into Border Loop.
What you cannot see is the scenery and the detail items off to the side of the track, particularly on the inside of the curves, as the camera point to the outside.

Hopefully tomorrow I will complete my trip from Border Loop through to The Risk, then the Risk to Acacia Ridge Yard.  Then I will have the branch line to cover before I come back the other way.


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  1. Craig, It appears that you have the same camera as I have. I found the lens was off centre in mine so I returned it for an exchange. It has a 80 deg viewing angle but it the curves are too sharp you loose out with the camera angle. I used an "K" truck and mount the camera on the back end of it and tilt it down a bit. This may help. I am still waiting for a report as to what camera was used on BOLIVIA.
    Jim. (The Kamilaroi Railway)