Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Turned 50 on Tuesday!

No not my age, but in followers!  Woo - Hoo!  I now have 50 people that follow me at least in public.  That does not show who follows me in private.  I know I have some work mates and business acquaintences who check the site from time to time as well and they are not followers.  The 50th person was my boss from work Shaun.  When I check out my stats in Blogspot I see that I have pretty consistantly about 1800 - 2100 hits a month on average.  Did you know that the peak time of the week for viewers is on Sunday night?  I wonder why? 

So hopefully, at least sometimes anyway, these 50 dedicated followers might get something out of my posts.  At least from time time, I trust they get a laugh or a smirk.

50 men in the Shed!  Not really as they would not fit.

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