Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and received lots of great presents.  I received some early Christmas money from the inlaws and put this towards the purchase of a 44 Class Soundtraxx sound decoder.  This decoder arrived at PK's place on Monday and he delivered it to me on the Tuesday.  So on Thursday night the old NCE D18SR decoder in the 44 Class loco that was to receive the sound decoder upgrade was removed and the factory fitted circuit board was also removed.  On Friday I put the new decoder in.  However, it was not until today that I put it on the test track and verified it worked.  I kept the bulbs for the front light, also installed an LED for the rear light (Shhh I blew the rear bulb!), and installed two more LED's for Functions 5 and 6 which are the front and rear cab lights.  I did managed to fit everything back together but I think something is rubbing so I may pull it apart later this week to fix this issue.

Monday night this week is a Running night for some NSW modellers.  So just before I went down the shed and placed three sound fitted 44 Class locos in the Grafton Loco to assist with trains that need extra motive power tomorrow night during the running session, that is if the shed does not get washed away before hand.  I also positioned 6 trains in Acacia Ridge yard for departure and tested 8 or 9 trains in Grafton yard that can be run.  I think I have a couple of crossing loops occupied around the layout so I might have to free these up before the running session.  I still have to fit the last power supply for the last signal panel displays for Rappville to Grafton - I have been slack.

The fridge is stocked ready for Monday, but I do need to run the vacuum cleaner over the shed floor as I did do a bit of drilling and sawing lately.  I think I will have plenty of time to do this tomorrow as I will not be watching the cricket.

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  1. I used to live at Boorabee Creek, Boorabee back in 2005. Saw the drought break with some incredible rain that year (2006). Say g'day to Gary and Peter for me. xxooo.

    Would love to see some photos of current flood. Miss those Green hills ...