Sunday, December 12, 2010

Annual Club Modelling Comp

Saturday 11th December was the date for the RMCQ annual modelling competition.  We had some very nice entries and none more so that the ones by Daniel, Greg and Jim.  Daniel won the Best Improved Kit category with a D & RGW Gondola constructed from a wagon base.  My photo of this entry didn't turn out so I can't post it here.

Greg attained the encouragement award for his model of Kensington Hill Station that will go on his layout of the same name.
Kensington Hill Station

Jim Hutchinson entered his model of Nettle Creek and scooped the Pool with the Judge's Best and Most Popular Trophies.

Nettle Creek Hotel - Gee Jim models a lot of pubs - I Wonder?

The rest of the Street in Nettle Creek

Close up of the Cafe and Post Office.  By the way don't park outside the Post Office as the Local Constabulary likes to give out tickets

 The Cafe - What is the Special?

One more view of the Hotel

Well done to all the entrants and of course thanks to the judge - John Guest from Horizon Hobbies at Warner (our local Hobby Shop), who makes time every December to come along and undertake the judging.  

This day was also the offical opening of the HO Shed Extension, the last meeting for the year, and the drawing of the Christmas Hamper, which was split into 9 prizes.  The shed still needs to be lined, the floors acid washed and then sealed with some clear finish, and teh power points wired up.  We still have a few lights to put up and isn't it so much easier now we have a sparkey in the Club.  Thanks to PK who acquired the lights.

Getting ready for the Meeting.  The Executive. in the new 12m x 12m extension.

Some of the Rabble!  This is where the new HO layout will go exactly where the chairs are.

During the afternoon it started to rain, and rain and rain.  Didn't it bucket down.  It was torrential at times.  The creek down the back was flowing quite well when we left.

The Local Creek

Back in my shed today I wired up the Staff Machines for the Fairy Hill to Cassino Section, with 8 panels in this section there was a lot of soldering.  This was followed by the Cassino to Old Cassino Section with its two panels.  I also wired up the section from Cassino North Fork to Old Cassino, but I did not install the power supply for this section.  That should take about 10 minutes next weekend.

Before I got to the shed, I finally got around to installing the black strapping around about 10 coils of steel.  They look quite good, but the strapping could have been slightly narrower.

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