Sunday, March 14, 2010

A funny thing happened

Appologies to Bob from SCR for another DCC based post.  I quite liked his update last weekend and it gave me and a few mates good laugh.

Anyway last Tuesday was a Tuesday Nighter's meeting at my place.  Only 4 turned up, but it was a very productive meeting discussing and solving the problems of the world.  I showed off my new Mini Panel and showed the guys that I could program it by plugging in my Procab into the plug on the Mini Panel.  I then proceeded to stand around with my elbow on hips wobbling my head like an old Paul Hogan Character - Leo Wanker and push the route setting buttons on my schematic panel and nothing happened!  What!  That can't be right! Hmmm.  Must be some power continuity issue.  Anyway I dismissed this as something to look at later.

Later that night I was showing the system off to a late arrival and pushed the buttons on the schematic panel and then, Bang, Bang, Bang, the points were all firing at 1 second intervals setting the routes into tracks 1 and track 2, etc.  Argh!  Hey guys it now works!  Maybe some times it pays to RTFM.  After programming, you need to disconnect the Mini Panel from the cab bus before reconnecting it and then putting the panel into what I would call Operations mode instead of staying in Programming mode - so you can then fire the push buttons.

Now it is truely like a bought one.  Apart from this nothing else has happened this week.  Next week I plan to get stuck back into modelling and have some shed time.


  1. Hi Craig,
    Deep down I'm still envious of the DCC boys. Don't worry if I win Lotto I'll get someone in to DCC it all for me.

  2. Bob,

    If you do win Lotto - remember me.