Sunday, March 7, 2010

Automation - Just Like a Bought One!

This afternoon I decided to install my NCE Mini Panel into my CAB bus, and fix it to the layout next to the control panel schematic.  That was an easy job.  I just put a temporary jumper cable from one UTP to the Mini Panel and re-routed the unplugged cable back to where the Mini Panel has been installed.  Luckily the unplugged cable reached.  I will pester the guys at work tomorrow to make up a permanent cable the correct length to replace my temporary cable.  I have my last length of cat-5 cable left and found a few RJ12's I had lying around, so the guys at work will only take a few minutes to make the cable up.

I then decided to plug in the 9 push button wires from my existing control panel schematic into the first 9 connections on the Mini Panel.  These were already connected through to my existing DS64's and good old me forgot to number the 9 wires as I unplugged them.  It didn't matter as I traced the wires back to the push buttons and they looked correct.  I then ran a common connection back to the control panel from the Mini Panel.  I did install an on/off switch on the panel to isolate the common if I ever want to do work on the control panel.  The NCE DCC system was turned on and the Procab plugged into the Mini Panel.  I gave this panel the address of 63.  So that was the end of my Mini Panel work.

I then set about confirming what addresses I would give my two DS64's.  As Acacia Ridge has a Loop Id of 110, the two DS64's were given component id's of 111 and 112.  Component id 111, has four accessory addresses on it of 1111, 1112, 1113 and 1114.  Compnent id 112 has the four accessory addresses of 1121, 1122, 1123 and 1124.  I then used my Procab to set the addresses as per the manual by pushing the relevant buttons and issuing an accessory command. 

1111 fired in reverse.  1121 and 1122 has their identitied swapped.  If truth be told, 1123 and 1124 are not connected up yet. I will solder them the next time I'm in the shed.  So out with the trusty screwdriver and I swapped the two wires for accessory 1111 in the DS64 with component id 111.  I retested and all is now fine.  In then swapped the wires for accessories 1121 and 1122 in the DS64 with component id 112.  I retested this and again all was fine.  So the first 6 sets of point can all fire individually by selecting the relevant accessory address.  Whoopie!

This Tuesday is Tuesday Nighters and it could be at my place.  If it is, I may have some time in programming my Mini Panel to issue the accessory commands to throw the required routes from the push buttons on the schematic panel to get all the relevant accessory addresses to throw the correct direction.  Now that will be scary if that works first attempt!

So far, this setup seems to be working just like a bought one.  This will enable running sessions to be such a lot more easier for the drivers entering and leaving Acacia Ridge Yard.

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  1. Craig

    They are a great little piece of gear aren't they?

    I have one running my two staging yards, Coxs Gap Loop points and a hidden reversing loop.

    I bought two more and will put one at Bylong and one at Wollar. Probably a bit of overkill but they are so cheap.

    Of course there is still the cost of accessory decoders but if it is all taken slowly the impact on the budget is not too great.

    Ray P