Sunday, February 21, 2010

N Scale Coil Steel Containers

Thanks to PK for lettering the cat out of the bag in a comment last week.  This week I made 5 N Scale coil steel containers, similar to the Auscision HO ones.  I made one on Monday night and took it to work on Tuesday to show off.  Last night I made the frames and cut the sides out for the next four containers.  Today while watching the Winter Olympics this morning I put the four together and this afternoon gave them my el-cheapo spray on Yellow Undercoat from my $2.50 spraycan.  SuperCheap has these on special this week.  They have a blue colour as well that might be close the blue container colour.  I might have to check that out.

The five N Scale coil steel containers

Today I also packed my stuff up for next Saturday's Australian Model Railway Convention at the Ipswich Railway Workshops.  It's an early start with the day starting at 8:00am - at Ipswich.  That means a pre-7:00am leave from home.  Saturday is my normal sleep in day!

Next week I might have some photos from the Convention.  Then my attention will have to return to building the styrene bridge piers and abutments for Cougal Spiral.

Yesterday I also traded in my trusty '99 AU Falcon (all of 79K on the clock) for a new Falcon XR6 (or near enough new). I pick it up on Wednesday - the first day this week without damb meetings. I'll have to have a half day to get it - I think I'm coming down with something already - cough cough!

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