Sunday, February 7, 2010

More Plastering

I had an early mark on Friday so I could pick the little fella up from school.  That was his first week of full days.  He had a big smile on his face when he saw me.  Anyway when we got home, I decided I'd throw a few more mixes of plaster around Cougal Spiral.  So this I did.  On Saturday I even went further towards Kyogle Stock Siding and even threw one mix around Lismore.  Given that there was once a small branch towards the river, I have installed a depression in the area between the Lismore station sidings and what will eventually be the Norco Siding.

A photo I took many years ago while on the Bicentennial Train of the Cougal Spiral.

My Cougal Spiral - I just need a bridge and some piers

Lismore with the Norco siding in the forground

Today I sat down in front of the TV watching the cricket and spent some time finally making my Austrains 36 Class run with a DCC decoder.  The loco had been sitting in a box in a number of pieces for quite some time.  I'd guess for over a year.  I had a long time ago, installed an LED headlight in the boiler.  I had also installed a small decoder between the wheels.  I just had to isolate the motor, remove the noise suppressors and wire up the decoder and the headlight.  Voila it works quite well now.  It may need a run in and a bit of an oil before it is released back to traffic.  It seems to run better in reverse than forward.  At the same time I was trying to install a KD on the front of the loco.  This does not look too good.  It is also a bit low.  I may have to come back and do a bit more on this feature.

During the week, thanks to those people on the NCE Yahoo newsgroup, I decided to install an NCE Mini Panel to drive my two Digitrax DS64's point motor controllers for Acacia Ridge Yard.  I don't know why I did not think of this myself.  I just have to wait for the local hobby shop to get one in now.  As it turns out I did not have any money to buy one if he did have one when I visited the hobby shop on Saturday!

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