Sunday, October 11, 2009

Baker's Farm

Today started off in front of the TV watching the start of Bathurst. At the same time I was finally installing the decoder into my last 80 class loco. It just needs couplers and then this one can join the fleet on the layout. As an aside, last night I installed a decoder into my mate Mike's 0-4-2 narrow gauge steam engine as well. That is what game me the insentive the keep decodering today and complete my loco, as well as do somthing constructive while watching the first part of the great race - unfortunately Ford did not have a good day - particularly Tricky Dickie's Team.

I had planned to spend some time this weekend working on creating the farm on the left as we enter the door of the shed. This was what I was originally calling Rocla Farm due to its proximity to the Rocla Sleeper siding. Last Tuesday night with the learned minds of our Tuesday Nighter's in attendance in the shed providing words of wisdom (Oh I forgot PK was there too and that made up for the learned ones), we were discussing the correct layout of the farm. A farm is divided into paddocks. The house paddock where the house weas located, another for the main shed is and where the cars, tractors and other machinery would be parked etc. Then other paddocks for the main purpose of the farm - whatever that was. I am still a long way short of installing all the fences, but I thought I'd update you on progress.

Yesterday and today I spent some time spraying some Sentinal and Uneek fencing and gate products. First a primer and then for the front fence of what will now be called Baker's Farm. That is my wife's mother's maiden name and her family and there were a few that owned acerage next to one another at Slacks Creek may years ago. For the Brisbane locals this is right near where Moss Street is. So what better name to use for my farm.


  1. The detail in the photos looks brilliant. Once again can't wait to see them in the raw (including the naturists!)

  2. Looking good Craig. The windmill and water tank, are they the Sentinal products you mentioned ? Are they still available ?

  3. Gary,

    The windmill and tank were purchased many years ago from Chuck's Ballast Supplies. Apparently there was an old fella who was knocking these up and Chuck was selling them. He had a couple at a Brisbane Model Railway Show so I snapped one up. Its blades even spin. I plan to hook up a computer fan under the layout with the output directed via a funnel through plastic tubing to be hidden in the ground directed at the windmill. This setup will be driven via a stationary DCC decoder driving a relay controlling the fan so we can get anamation - a windmill that works. If this works well I will set up two wind sources and have the windmill pivoting around as well.


  4. The layout is looking great Craig. With each bit that you detail with whole layout seems to be comming together.