Sunday, August 9, 2009


After 2 full days sitting on the door of our Club's Model Railway Exhibition (8th-9th August), I am about to turn a new leaf. I promise I will absolutely try and keep a weekly update to what has been occuring to Cassino. I will try to provide an update every Sunday night. I can't always promise that there will be photos accompanying the update, as I'm not a guru with the shutter, but I will try and provide updates that show off my progress.

I have been considerably slack in not updating this blog for approximately 2 months - My God - it has been three months I just checked!!!!. That does not mean I have not done anything. In reality I have gone through about 15Kg of plaster in that time and undertaken a considerable amount of terra-forming. I have done some initial landscaping in some huge areas of trackside real estate but I have absolutlely truck loads more to go. I have been able to impress the Tuesday Nighters last Tuesday Fortnight with progress from when they were last here so that is also encouraging. With so much area to scenic it is hard to work out where to start or what to do next. But what has been done - I'm mostly happy with. I will provide some photos next week.

For those who are really interested in finding out what has occurred in the construction of Cassino since its inception from a twinkle in my eye to reality, you can go through the pictorial journey from April 2005 until approximately March 2008. Just go to then go to [members layouts] on the left hand frame and then click on [Craigs Cassino Layout]. There are about 9 sets of photos on this page and then a link back to this blog. Enjoy!

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  1. Craig,

    Good to hear that you're energised to try for weekly blog postings. As someone who works in an industry that recommends blogs as good communication tools, new content posted weekly is not a bad way to go. I have three blogs (one professionally, and two for model railways) and it is often a struggle to commit to regular posts. My recommendation is to try and stick with the weekly program but don't worry if the weekly posts slip now and then. One still has to work out something to say!