Sunday, August 16, 2009

Border Loop

This last weekend I have spent some time working on Border Loop. For many months I have run trains through here but the track had not been laid on cork. So this weekend I took the plunge and installed the cork. I also spliced in a left hand point that will be where the Mountain Goat will terminate. The Mountain Goat on my layout will be either a CPH (when it finally arrives - hopefully in September) or a 620/720 railmotor. I think in real life it was a 19 Class with a coach or two as well. This train ran from Casino to Border Loop taking kids to school in the mornings and in the afternoons, it took them back home.

I also drilled some holes under the points for the point actuators. This is just a piece of wire that protrudes through the facia. I also finished off the styrofoam base for the front of the Border Loop section. I had previously installed the styrofoam for the rear to similate the mountains at the rear of the track. These have been plastered over previously. I also poured a couple of buckets of tissue soaked plaster on Saturday and a couple on Sunday over the new styrofoam at the front of the tracks.

The first photo here shows the baseboard at Border Loop many months back before scenery was considered. This is looking north towards the Running Creek tunnels.

I have a couple of photos of the area behind the main and loop lines and the southern tunnel portal.

I also have one showing the newly completed plastering with a train cross occuring.

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