Sunday, June 28, 2020

New Priorities

So on Friday I was down the shed in the afternoon trying to take some photos for a project.  Not sure if it was a success.  Saturday morning I made it to the hobby shops looking for something, which no one seemed to have.  In the afternoon I spent time on two activities.  The first was making up a little cross section of track that I will be using to test options for mounting my infrared detectors on for my level crossing.  The other activity was spending some time doing some fencing around a house in 80 Canterbury Street that backs onto the station at Cassino.  I also got out a few detail items from my collection to add to the backyard of this locations.  Well we needed a clothes line, an outdoor dunny and I had to find a garage to put beside the house.  A few trees were found and allowed to grow in the yard.  Of course the rubbish bins had to go out the front, the mower was left out the back and a outdoor setting was put in the back yard.  A water tank was also added behind one of the sheds.  I do have some mailboxes somewhere, I just need to find them to put them on the layout, out the front of the Canterbury Street house.

Now fencing had to go around the house on all 4 sides.  The fence besides the track was always there, but never installed, so that was glued down.  I needed to build some fences to add around the other three sides of the house.  So they are just sitting there at this stage, not permanently installed as yet.  I am undecided if concrete car tracks will be installed into the garage.

Also on Saturday afternoon, there was an NMRA Div 1 meeting online that features Luke Towan the fantastic diorama modeller from YouTube fame, then at night there was the NMRA-X presentation.  Adam Wuiske gave a great presentation.

Maybe I will get back on track next weekend and try and tidy up a couple of projects that I have on the go.

Sunday was my daughter's 18th birthday party so I was offline for most of the day, except for getting away to post this blog.

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