Sunday, June 9, 2019

Head Down Backside Up

This week we had the pleasure of visiting Barnacle Bob's house and his layout Mosquito Creek.  This was our regular Tuesday Nighter's get together.  That layout is fantastic.  PK posted quite a few photos on his Facebook account on Wednesday of the visit.  So I stole them and added them to this post.  Thanks PK!

The locations around the layout are actual QR locations.

This shot shows the wharf.  On the right of the photo is the navigational buoys to help the local traffic get to and from the wharf.  A bus load of oldies from the local bowls club are arriving at the wharf so they can board a small cutter for tour up and down the creek.  I heard it was 75 year old Dafney's birthday and the old ducks have hired the boat and will be into their shandies before you know it.  They will not be able to wait until the stripper called Stumpy shows up later on in the cruise.  Boy will they be disappointed.

Just up the creek from the wharf, is where the fisheries inspectors like to hang around and count the number of fish in the local fisherman's catch to ensure they are not taking more than their bag limits.  They also count the number of crabs they have taken as well.  I was intending to try and make some crab pots for Barnacle Bob to have at this location hidden in the mangroves.

This shot shows those creek side industries taken from the road.  Rumour also has it that Weedy Will frequents this locations.  I think his car is the blue one on the left.  Weedy Will, is 6' 8' and the size of a small brick outhouse.  His name does not come from his build.

The branch line to Mosquito creek has a small industrial branch coming off of it.  This location has industries to the left and right and a small station halt also to the right, just out of view in this shot.

If you are anywhere near this location, I must advise that you need mosquito repellent.  People wonder why the location gets its name.  Spent 5 minutes checking out this fantastic bridge, just like the guy in this shot and you are eaten alive by mosquitos.  You can even hear a frog croaking somewhere under the bridge.

Apart from Tuesday night, my week has been spent trying to conclude a consultancy for a customer, and I’ve been burning the midnight oil on.  Before work, after work, all this weekend, and I was actually doing it all week at work as well.  Hopefully that will be completed by Tuesday.  I was looking forward to that, so I could recharge my batteries so as to speak.  However, following Thursday at work, I now think I am going from the frying pan into the fire.  Who needs enemies when I have friends like these – so on Thursday I found out I have a new job at work for the next 3 weeks starting tomorrow.  We all laugh and say that our mate Rod has the worst job in the organisation.  We are always happy that it is him and not any of us.  Well, without me knowing or being involved in the planning and getting approvals by the Deputy Director General, I have been ‘volentold’ that while Rod is an Executive Director for the next 3 weeks, I am him.  Bugger!  Thanks Mate!  I'm not even in his Division!  I must have upset a GM and an ED or two to get this 'reward'.  Now I'm boss of close to 100 or more staff.  I like my old job – boss of me and that's all!  At least that guy is not that hard to handle and normally does what I tell myself to do.  Well at least sometimes.  So my modelling time might be just as scarce over the next three weeks, as it has been this week.

Any downtime that I had yesterday was taken up with my son's 2 games of soccer – both losses, one for school 3-2 (and Kyle scored one), and 3-0 for the Club where they were almost as good as the other team.  I have not been able to get to the shed at all.  Well I lie, I did nick down to get a beer out of the fridge and come back up stairs.  No rest for the wicked.

Maybe next week I can do some shed time.  Also maybe I might be able to destress during the week with some modelling activities.  I actually have a growing list of things on my To Do list.


  1. I thought those photos looked familiar ! Will cost you a beer, they will ;-)

  2. Oh, make that two since you are boss man now !

  3. PK, lucky you retired. My first job would be to report you to HR considering I would have been your boss. I would have thought of something.

  4. Your mate Barnacle should be congratulated. The waterside scenery is fabulous, especially those mangroves and the way the slipway rails disappear into the mud. I can smell the salty air.
    Tony in Gisborne, Vic