Sunday, September 9, 2018

Updating the Timetable

All this week, I’ve been doing work on my Operating Session timetable.  I have added 4 railbus movements in preparation on receiving one of these models from Auscision.  I have also added 1 extra freight coming from Grafton to Cassino, and then another from Cassino to South Brisbane Interstate. Then of course this traffic needs to go back south, so that makes a total of 3 extra freights.  I have added shunt train from Acacia Ridge Yard to Rocklea Siding and then of course its return working.  This will be a steal shunt just like happens in early morning Brisbane now.  I then have a shunt train from Clapham Yard back to Rocklea Sidings and return.  This is for taking the Limestone wagons from the new freight.  I have also added an extra shunt on the narrow gauge from Clapham Yard to Rocklea Sidings and return to Clapham.  There is also an extra shunt train from Fisherman Islands Yard to Acacia Ridge Yard and return.  So last night, the timetable cards were finally created for all these extra movements.  I now just need to update the sequence numbers on all the timetable cards so they can be easily assembled into correct order before the session.  There are now over 100 possible movements in the timetable.  The next task is then to print a new timetable graph for the next Operations Session.  As I normally call my operations Sessions “Organised Chaos”, I’m sure the first time this timetable is operated, it will be just that.  I may have to split the timetable over 3 days now to ensure that I can get it completed.  I may even have to slightly slow down the fast clock especially if I do not get enough crew showing.  I would hate to think how many trains are now running at the busiest point in the timetable.  It used to be 13, I’m sure now it could be 15 or even 16.  North Coast Control really needs to ensure that crosses are going to occur at the correct locations, as there are now a number of three way crosses.  These can only occur at locations where there are three tracks, like Cassino, Fairy Hill and of course the main traffic generating points on the layout - Acacia Ridge Yard, Clapham Yard and Fisherman Islands Yard.

This weekend started with a trip over to the Clubrooms for our AGM.  Turn out was pretty good with quite a lot of members present.  Basically the same committee was re-elected.  At the end of June this year, our Treasurer of the last about 20 years retired due to personal circumstances, and the temporary Treasurer who filled in, was re-elected to continue in his job.  The main go forward theme this year is fiscal management, as we have many new layouts under construction and an ever reducing amount of money to spend on them.

Today I got stuck into building the two dioramas I require for the Modelling the Railways of Queensland Convention.  Basically the first one has been completed.  I just need to do a bit of ballasting and a bit more scenicing.  However, the second diorama requires a lot more details to be added.  This week will be spend building quite a lot of items required for this diorama.

We also have Tuesday Nighters at David place, so it will be good to see what he has done since last weekend.  He may even have one or two of his power district sections wired up and have trains able to run back and forth in those areas.

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