Sunday, January 7, 2018

Happy New Year

Well it has been hot in the shed this last week.  Monday I have no memory of what I did during the day.  I think I did go down to the shed.  I did a bit of maintenance on my layout voltmeter.  It had some loose wires on it.  These were re-soldered.  I did plan on getting under the layout this weekend and trace some wires, as my master voltmeter that measures the output from the command station, via a master on/off switch, has not been working for a few months.  I had verified online via the web what the electrical schematic should look like and knew what I needed to do.  I was going to work out where a hanging wire was supposed to connect back to and solder it up.  But I just could not get motivated this weekend to action.  Well I guess there is next weekend, or maybe next Friday.  I need to be home next weekend to baby sit my son, as my daughter and the boss are going to a concert in the arvo with some friends.

Early in the week I did create a very short to do list for the layout for three things to do this week, and after having an early day on Wednesday, as I had the worst headache from about 7:15am in the morning, I finally called it a day at about 2:30pm, following two meetings that I need to attend in the arvo.  At about 5:30pm that afternoon after a couple of Panadols had kicked in and removed my headache, I ticked off the first two actions on that To Do list.  I also did a couple of other tasks.

Yesterday, I did have plan to go to a hobby shop and buy a set of point for Border Loop, when the wife distracted me, by saying go check out new some new cars – they are having a sale.  So after checking out two car yards in the morning, and then taking the boss back in the afternoon, and checking out a third car yard next to the first one we were actually looking at a car in, we actually bought a new ford.  So next Thursday my old XR6 will be replaced by a new Ford.  If I win lotto next Thursday night, I might be back there on Friday getting a new Ford Mustang as well.  While we were buying our car, two couples were each picking up new Ford Mustangs.  Hmmmmm!

Today I went down to the shed for a short period in the afternoon during the Lunch break in the cricket, but it was too hot.  However, I did paint up about eleven tarpaulin tea bags and have set them aside to dry in the shed.  Next week, these will be cut up into two tarpaulins each.  These tarpaulins are destined for my mates who model VR and SAR outlines. 

After that I did check out my timetable from the last operating session.  The next timetable card to pick up is for a 7:20am departure.  We already have a number of trains that are due to arrive at their destination at around 11:00am already completed.  So over the next few weeks, there are about 15 trains that I will need to move about (with some help from some other operators) so the timetable can be reset for an 11:00am restart when I next host an operating session.

Let’s hope that the new year brings us all lots of enthusiasm and we can all continue work on our home or Club layouts, or that special model.

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  1. Congrats on the new car Craig. Good to hear it still has a blue oval on the front of it!