Sunday, December 13, 2015

Annual Christmas Modelling Competition

Yesterday was our Club’s Annual Christmas Modelling Competition and Christmas Party.  So I ventured over there in the rain and submitted a few entries into the modelling competition.  Entries were down this year and only about 5 members submitting entries.  Luckily most had multiple entries.  At this event we also have a number of Christmas Hampers raffled off.  This year we had 13 draws and I came away with a big fat zero.  

Various members brought along plates of goodies to share and the Club BBQ was fired up and plenty of eskies from home were full of cold beverages.  The Club fridge was also offering free soft drinks on the day.  A very merry time was had by all in attendance.  It was great to see some members and their better halves who do not get along very often to the Clubrooms in attendance on the day.

Here are the various entries for rolling stock:-
A Bi-level Sheep Van - I think this received the prize for Rolling Stock

Track Inspection Car

Logging Caboose

Steam Powered Rail Motor

Photos of the Rail set train taken by PK and myself some years ago.

The Rail Set Train

Here are the various entries for Structures:-

A laser cut bridge, designed, assembled and painted on the top deck of the HO Clubroom Layout.  The safety handrails along the top deck have been soldered up from brass.  I think this received the Structure Award as well as the People's Choice Award.

A scratch built Cream Shed
Walthers Medusa Cement Silo

A module that has a curved bridge and a tunnel being entered for judging.

A NSW Road Over Rail Bridge
Stockyards complete with critters!

This is what people were vying for!

The next two photos show the various hampers assembled that were drawn on the day.

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