Sunday, October 25, 2015

Too Busy to do Too Much

This weekend I was out all day Saturday at Kyle’s Cricket and then a nephew’s daughter’s 1st birthday party and upon return home had my niece and her kids come over, so I did not get to do anything Shed related on Saturday.  Today was a little different.  I spent about 2 hours in the shed earlier today before the V8’s and then about 30 minutes following the V8’s from the Gold Coast on TV.

While in the shed, I installed some tooth brush bristles on track 1 in Clapham Yard.  This is to ensure that when the last three wagons of trains # 1 and #17 are drop off, their last three wagons do not end back up at Acacia Ridge Yard by rolling away down the large slope.  The tooth brush bristles are very soft, and just touching the axles on the bogies and apply just enough friction to prevent the wagons from rolling away.  I have above 7 sets of them at various places where the last three wagons will be placed at the Acacia Ridge end of the track number 1.  I also soldered a wire on track 1 at Loco Pilly which prevented the power getting through to the siding when locos or my CPH railmotor lay over in that track.  I also re-attached a wire to the relay that throws the power to the frog of the point that directs trains either into Loco Pilly or through on the mainline to Clapham Yard when coming down the include from Dutton Park.

I then spent some time pinning down a number of manually operated points that the operators at the last operating session complained about.  These points moved when they were changed.  So hopefully they are all fixed now.

I also spent some time contemplating how to enhance the look of Lismore.  I decided to thrown a few trees around at that location.  I had a couple of palm trees in the cupboard which got installed, and then I installed quite a dead trees courtesy of my garden and the Lemon Scented Tea Tree I have.  I find that these branch ends look like small saplings.  I also dove into my collection of various twisted wire trees that I still have available.  I really need to get around to adding the various fences in Lismore that will protect this site from wandering people.  But I just do not know what sorts of fences to make.  I could do about 5 different types.  So maybe next week or soon after I might make a small test section about 100mm long of each of the types of fencing that I am considering installing.

Later this afternoon, I went down to the shed and started drawing some plans for the frame I will need to make in order to install the LED lights above Cougal Spiral.  I have since also drawn a basic scale diagram to assist with the various shapes of wood I will need to make it out of.  I am also thinking about another string of LED’s being installed above Clapham Yard and heading back towards Acacia Ridge Yard.  I will see if I can get the required hardware next weekend.

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