Sunday, May 10, 2015

2015 Brisbane Model Railway Exhibition

I at now back home, with the car unpacked a full weekend of model train related activity.  I spent a couple of hours in setup on Friday and a full weekend at the Brisbane Model Railway Exhibition, now back at its rightful home - the Brisbane Exhibition grounds.  Well I had a ball.  Plenty of laughs, some great conversations, I think we gave lots of pleasure to people, potentially got them interested in our hobby and I even completed two of the three projects I set out to achieve this weekend.

Firstly on Saturday while working with my offsider - Geoff from Splitters Swamp Creek fame, I completed the road over rail bridge for the Club HO Clubroom Layout.  Geoff was mesmerising people with his tree building activity.

Following completion of the bridge I added some bracing to a number of bents that will form part of a viaduct also on the Club HO Clubroom layout.

Today I had a new offsider assisting me on our stand.  It was Tristan from our Club and he was supported by his parents also getting into the act.  Tristan is the owner of a magic laser cutting machine and with this, he scribed the deck for my bridge above.  He also does name badges, signs, and various building kits in HO and N scale.  Some of these are remarkable.

So accompanied by Tristan I spent today building the cream shed that Darren (one of the Tuesday Nighters) challenged a few of us to build some weeks back.  I understand that Darren will show his off on Tuesday Night, as will mine be.  I was quite happy with how my shed turned out, but if I did it again - and I might, I'd build the roof frame slightly differently.  Mine is not 100% complete yet, as I need to stain some of the wood and actually add corrugated iron roof and the bargeboards.

Finally today I did a small amount of work on the Murwillumbah Cement Silo.  It looks like I will have to concentrate this work on the next modelling night that our group has.

While at the show, I spent quite a bit of time, speaking to various exhibitors, shop owners, other bloggers, blog lurkers, fellow modellers, friends from work, and the general public.  But a lot of the time, was spend unloading money from my wallet.  Damn I'm in trouble with the boss.  I had to restock the wallet with cash this morning and it is bone dry again tonight.  Luckily this show only occurs once a year.

Now there is a Buy and Sell at our Clubrooms next Sunday starting at 10:00am I believe.  So I will try and offload some of the excess items in my collection to help pay off some debts.  See you next week.

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  1. I know how you feel. In all my years of modelling, I've never spent as much as I did at this year's Brisbane Model Train Show. I did have a good reason however. After 30 years of modelling US N scale, I've gone all-in on the NSW stuff. It's just too good not to! That meant a 2 car Explorer, an 82 class, some NPRY cement wagons, some lourve vans, a NSW a-4 station kit and all the track I needed to start the new layout. That's one expensive show! I'll share all the highs and lows on my new blog...