Sunday, December 21, 2014

Year in Review

Well by some standards, some will think not much has happened on Cassino.  By others, quite a lot has occurred.  I went back and reviewed the posts from January and February 2014 and went through the year.  I started by adding some fascias to the tracks between Acacia Ridge Yard and Clapham Yard and Glenapp Loop and Acacia Ridge Yard. 
I will see about painting the rear of the fascias to see if I can add some depth to these narrow scenes.
I added the scenery between Bruxner Highway all the way across to Cassino. 
Bruxner Highway Level Crossing - complete with two flashers.  The locals complain to the police about these flashers though.
Bonalbo Ballast Siding

The Richmond River Bridge.  I will experiment with the water this year.

The entry into Cassino Station.
I have sceniced Kyogle Stock Siding.  I did some basic work at Lismore and then started some major work on the area between Lismore and Murwillumbah. 
The Kyogle Stock Siding.  Some of my drivers cannot find this location.

Lismore has been equipped with some standing room for various semi-trailers to offload in the yard.

Travelling north of Lismore under the road overbridge.
Then into Murwillumbah.
I also planted lots of trees on the layout.  I relayed some track through Acacia Ridge Yard as well as Grafton Yard.  I also got the Cassino Turntable sort of working.   The tracks have been laid to it as well as a number of sidings off it. 
Cassino Loco
Running Creek.  Another location where some water needs to be added.
I have added four lengths of lights under the fascias to light the deck from Grafton Yard to Cassino.  I’ve added wifi to the shed via my Raspberry Pi setup so those mobile phone train controlling people can get mobile with their train.  I’ve had a few new faces visit Cassino this year and hopefully they will return in the future and see even more progress.
So this year, I hope to work on the Murwillumbah Cement Silo, and add some basic scenery around that location.  I will complete the Cassino turntable area and get it fully operational.  I will do a number of other locations with basic scenery.  There are still lots of just started and half finished scenery areas which will also be progressed.  These include the section from Lismore to Murwillumbah, the cemetery near Fairy Hill Loop. 
The Fairy Hill Cemetery.
I should also put in a few kilometres of fences alongside the railway property.  I will try adding water to the few creeks, rivers and stagnant water holes that are on the layout.  I might try and paint a few backdrops.  I hope to get some of my working gates operational.  I want my bushfire scene operational as well.  I hope to add some snubbers to my power districts.  If time exists I will revisit rebuilding the Cassino Roundhouse.
Hopefully a few additional locos will be delivered by manufacturers during next year - 48s, 45's, a candy 81 that is correct in detail and a QR 2300 narrow gauge loco.  Who knows, maybe even a second ready to run narrow gauge loco.  Some more rollingstock will also be delivered, both passenger (XPT set, Brisbane Limited set) and a small amount of goods wagons (more tank wagons and some rutile wagons).  I would love some milk tanks that ran on the far north coast as well.  I hope to purchase about another 10 lengths of 5m strands of LED lights to light the bottom deck and some areas of the second deck.
There will also be continual tweaks to the existing locos, rollingstock, the tracks work and the timetable.  I hope to get both my 73 class operational.  There will continue to be a clean out of rollingstock to make way for the new wagons.
Most of all this hobby involves camaraderie and friendship.  I hope to have laughs, good times and lots of great moments in the shed with my mates.
I’d like to wish all the bloggers and lurkers who follow this blog a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  I hope your wishes come true and you give and receive joy through this great hobby of ours – Model Railways.  Spend some good quality time with your families over this Christmas period, and watch the Aussies make curry with the Indians in the cricket, and work on those small modelling projects while on time off to increase your enthusiasm in the hobby.
Merry Christmas.  See you all next year! 


  1. Looks Great,all the best for Christmas.
    Looking forward to the finishing of the love of your life.

  2. Very productive year Craig - Cassino is coming out really nice with all that scenery work!