Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Weekend Off

This week I did not get around to do much in the shed.  With Monday being a Public Holiday the only day I did venture down was that day and played a bit with the Raspberry Pi.  I undid the changes I was trying to make for what I thought made the Pi simpler to use, and then did a test run with it.  It auto booted with the Wifi connection being visible to my son’s IPod and the Pi successfully allowed me to drive a train from the iPod connected via the serial connection to the PowerPro 5 Amp System.  Today I went to Office Works and picked up a second 8GB micro SD card for $7.97, which I will have available with an alternate configuration so I can connect the Raspberry Pi to my Powercab system (after I purchase an NCE USB connection).
Yesterday was Club Meeting day and I made my way to the Club for the monthly meeting.  I took along my Fleischman Tacho car and had it pushed around the layout.  Well It turns out that the layout is 7.03 scale Km around the inner loop.  That equates to about 80.8m of track.  Quite a lot of track.  I think that distance surprised some people.
I spent most of the in front of the TV watching Ford reign supreme over Bathurst!
Next weekend is the Queensland Model Railway Show at The Workshops Rail Museum in Ipswich.  I hope to get there.  Our Club will have two layouts in attendance - HO and N.

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