Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hot, Hot, Hot...

With a post already this week on New Year's Eve and two small Running Sessions on Monday and Tuesday already spoken about, I have s shortened week to cover in this post. 
Following the last Running Session and the occurrence of a number of NCE Radio runaway bug events that caused a suspension to the last formal Running Session, I’ve decided to send my kit away for radio upgrades in mid January – ready for the next Running Session.  I have put up with the bug until now, but it seems to be occurring at more frequent intervals and it will make everyone enjoy the Running Sessions more when it runs more smoothly.
Last Friday morning and into the afternoon quite a few Tuesday Nighters met for a very sad occasion - to say good bye to our associate Mike’s wife June who passed away just after Christmas.  We were about 6 strong plus some partners and were joined by about another half dozen members of the Logan District Model Railway Club.  It was a very sad time, but it was great to see Mike's Model Railway Family there to support him.
On Saturday morning I made a trip over to my mate David’s house.  He has been doing up his shed and the layout.  The improvements have quite simply made his shed look like a million dollars now.  The shed has been lined, and even received a ceiling.  He has added some back boards to the back of the peninsulars and the work undertaken does look very nice.  David has added a vary large viaduct to the first blob as you enter his shed.  This also is starting to look pretty good.  We were discussing how to wire up his NCE Mini Panels, and Digitrax DS64 point controllers and where to locate his control panels.  We then adjourned indoors to watch some cricket and drink a cold beer.  On my way home my car was registering between 44 to 46 degrees C upon leaving David’s and travelling home at around 1:00pm on Saturday afternoon. 
Saturday was just too hot with temperatures in my pergola in the shade of 41.4 degrees C, so there was no way I was going to the Shed in the arvo.  I did however take my Christmas lights down on Saturday evening when it did start to cool down.
Sunday I went to Jaycar for some more bus wire.  I then went to the Shed to do some more wiring and try and complete Power District 4 with its power bus and droppers.  Of course I turned the TV on and after the Tea break during the Fifth Cricket Test between Australia and England, every time I walked to the far end of the Shed, a wicket fell.  I ran about 15 metres of power bus and then added 7 pairs of droppers to the power bus for Power District 4.  I was working most of the time, either within one of spirals (Cougal Spiral) and along the back aisle (through Border Loop as well as some work at The Risk) so I was not getting any benefit from the fan.  It was very sweaty work in the shed.  I had sweat just pouring off me.  Once the cricket finished I started to pack up and prepare for the work to be performed in my next working bee session in the Shed and then I called it quits in the Shed.  I have three more pairs of droppers that have been drilled through the baseboard, they just need to be soldered to the power bus and the droppers soldered to the rails.  That will make Power District 4 complete.  I hope to have that done before Friday night.  I can see a early mark coming this Friday arvo. 
I’ve had a request from a mate (Anthony) to show the layout off to another of his Victorian Modeller friends.  I think Anthony wants his whole operating crew to come over. With a bit of luck we might get some defectors to the northern side of the border.  There is a chance that there might be a couple of guys over on either the next Friday evening or Sunday afternoon.  I will have to ensure that I have a couple of died in the wool NSW modellers available to assist me in case the Mexicans gang up on me.  I cannot believe that I now know five Victorian Modellers based in Queensland - who would of thought!
I’ve even had a suggestion from Anthony to replace my wagon cards with just a single sheet of paper that has the wagons to pickup or put out at each location.  I think this suggestion might have some merit.  I think I will try it for a couple of trains and see how it goes.  It might be simpler and easier to use and may be incorporated into the next running session whenever that is.  I will work on it this week.  Each train will have its own shunting list created.
So once the cricket finished this arvo - did I say we won the Series 5-0, I then turn over to watch Leyton in the tennis.  I watched the first set, and after tidying up in the Shed (i.e. Tuning on the layout to ensure I have not caused any shorts in my recent bit of work - which I didn't) I then went and had a kick of the football with Kyle while Paige rode her rip-stick and scooter up and down the road.  I came back in and eventually saw Leyton loose the second set, but I then saw him win the third set and the match.
Next week I will finish off Power District 4 and then do the same with Power District 3 over the subsequent work sessions.  Plenty of work to do.  I will have to do something as I will not have any throttles to use as I will be sending them back for upgrade.  Let's hope it is cooler next weekend.

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