Sunday, September 8, 2013

They Come in Threes

This week has again been very light on with Railway related activities.  Some activities did occur on Tuesday night with the guys coming over for our regular Tuesday Night get together, this time at my place.  Just as the guys started arriving, I removed what I thought was my troublesome set of point that was causing the short on the layout.  So after removing the points and reconnecting the track bus, it looked like everything was now back in working order.  We had a great night.  I was showing off my Richmond River Pratt Truss bridge with my triple header test consist running back and forth across the bridge.  Lots of good conversations, plenty of people bagging me about my lack of space in the shed to sit down and talk and a pretty late night for the last lot of guys to leave.
On Saturday morning, while I was at the kids school cooking the BBQ for the polling booth, helping to raise some money for the school, my wife turned up and advised she had no hot water at home for her shower.  When I eventually got home and checked out the hot water system, there was water streaming out from the top and down the side.  That was not looking good.  I made a few phone calls and so until Monday morning, no damn electrician will get off their big fat well paid @r$e.  At least I did get 20 years of the old hot water system.  Not so bad!  So cold showers for everyone now until at least Monday.  If any longer and I will go buy a camping shower.
Early this morning while preparing for a family BBQ at our place today, I was wheeling the BBQ over to where it was going to get fired up and guess what, two of the wheels (the front swivel ones) fell off!  I have tried to re-attach them, but they are very dodgy.  Damn cheap foreign import equipment.  At least the BBQ still works.  We had a great lunch today.  I am sitting here almost too stuffed to move.  It was great catching up with the Missus' Family and a few of the kids cousins.
This afternoon before I fired up the BBQ when two of my Brothers-in-law came down to the shed this arvo to get their first drink of the day, and I fired up my layout to show them it running - nothing happened.  That damn short had re-appeared in the Acacia Ridge to South Brisbane section of track.  I could not get it to power up. AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!
Not happy Jan!  Anyone want to subcontract the fault finding for this damn short circuit?
Yesterday, between cooking the BBQ at the school polling booth, and heading home to see what the hot water system gods had dealt me, I headed over to Austral Modelcraft and picked up another NCE EB1 for the fifth power district of the layout - district no. 4.  Today after the BBQ, I installed the EB1 into the layout power bus, but still need to connect it to the track bus for the Cougal Spiral to Acacia Ridge Yard power district.  I think that will be after I get a working hot water system, as it can be very sweaty work under the layout doing the soldering of the track bus.  Possibly a job for next weekend.

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  1. Craig, I had a friend come over with his Eureka Hub Set to see if it would derail on my layout. It ran fine until I ran the loco around and recoupled to the train and a small push back. Then I had a short, it turned out to be the bogie over an insulated rail joint.
    Worth a check if you have live bogies.