Sunday, June 9, 2013

Happy Birthday RMCQ

Yesterday at our Club on our scheduled meeting day, we celebrated RMCQ’s 40th birthday.  We had a pretty big bash.  We invited as many past members that we could find contact details for, as well as representatives from other Model Railway Club’s around Brisbane and South East Queensland and some of the local establishments that we support in our local area.  Not everyone turned up but we did have a good showing.  We also had two local councillors come along and hand out a few plaques to a few key members that we wanted to thank for their efforts over the last 10 years since our grand opening of the Clubrooms in 2003.  We also awarded the first Life Membership of the Club yesterday as well. 
I’ve received some feedback from those attending that they enjoyed themselves immensely.  We had some drinks, a sausage sizzle, a large birthday cake and some champagne to wash it all down.
Anyway back on the home front, I have been progressing on the Pratt Truss Bridge for the Richmond River at Cassino.  This week I have a few photos of the bridge to show it off.  On Friday night I got out the spray can and gave one end a quick spray to see how it would come up.  That was before I added the flanges from 1.5mm styrene angle which I did today.
I intend to try and finish the second girder frame tomorrow, with the aim of giving everything a bit of a spray paint tomorrow as well.  Otherwise I will get to that next weekend.  Once sprayed I will then attach some wooden sleepers and some code 70 rail and I will see how it goes spanning the Richmond River opening.  
The base showing the first three sections of 22' 6".  I added the strengthening flanges after I did a test spray paint.

An overview of the whole bridge at the kitchen table.  You can see what I scratch built and what I used from the kit.  The black items are from the kit.

This is what the bridge will look like when the girders are added to both sides.  Only one is complete, the second only has the base assembled so far.

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