Sunday, February 3, 2013

Skies Cleared and I got Plastered

With last Monday being a Public Holiday and with the weather clearing after a rather rough weekend in South East Queensland, I was able to get down to the shed for a fix of model trains. I did a small amount of plastering on the bottom deck near the Hotham Street level crossing on the northern end of Cassino, near the Cassino Loco area.
On Thursday I came home early because I thought someone was coming round to pick up a 3 seater lounge that the boss wanted to get rid of, but they advised they could not come. However, my E-bay purchase of a couple of curved points turned also up that day. So I went down to the shed and installed the required left hand curve point that I needed to allow access from track 3 to track 2 in the Acacia Ridge Yard. So I think that has now completed the track work on the whole layout except for Cassino Loco, Loco Pilly, Clapham Yard and Fisherman Islands Yard.  But I'm in no rush to complete these.
Saturday morning after mowing the grass, I went to Austral Modelcraft to investigate some NCE N scale decoders for my 73 Class locos but Ray did not have any. I ran into Lefty and Son who were buying a few items. On the matter of the 73 class locos, I faxed back my final payment details on Friday so I just need to sit back and wait. Friday night I see that Auscision are now producing the RUB set. Oh No, I will be completely in the dog house if the boss ever finds out how much I want to spend on my XPT and a HUB set or two. I have been talking to a number of members in our Club about the 73 class and what decoder to install.
Saturday arvo I went down to the shed and did a bit more plastering, a small amount around Cassino Loco, continuing on from Monday’s effort, and some more around the Dairy Siding at Lismore. I went back today and did another coat around the Dairy Siding and then I moved south and started to do some work around the southern side of Lismore Station. This is an area above the hidden spiral that adds distance to the track between Old Cassino and Lismore. I will be installing a road in this area made from Balsa strips. So I laid the balsa and masked off the edged and then poured the plaster right up to the edge of the road.
Once it dries, I think I will be removing the masking tape on Tuesday night when the guys come over to my place.  I also did a few little repair jobs during the day as well.

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