Sunday, November 11, 2012

Who's Going to Armidale?

Next weekend (the 17th and 18th November) is the 2012 New England Convention to be held at the Armidale Bowling Club.  By all indications attenances for this Convention will be great.  I attended this same convention two years ago and had a great time with my travelling companions and the other attendees there. I have been given a weekend pass by the Boss so I'm heading back there.  I just wanted to know who out there in blog land will also be attending this convention. I think that Warren needs to include Blog Name on the name badges so we can put names to faces as well as faces to Blogs.
This week as well as this weekend has been very slow. I don't recall doing anything Model train related all week, except catch up on reading a few Railway Digests as well as whatever UK and US magazines came around at work to read. 
Yesterday I took Kyle over to our Club for our normal meeting day as the Boss and Paige went to a fashion show to raise money for a family with some sick children. The fashion show was certainly not up Kyle’s alley. While at the Clubrooms, Kyle ran one of my trains around the Club HO layout for a while. I had a candy 80 Class running intermittently. When I tried to clean the wheels, the drive shaft came dislodged, so I had to pull it apart and put that back into allignment. By doing this, I dislodged one of the bogie power pickups. I resoldered that wire today while watching the cricket on TV. It seems to run a bit better now.
While at the Club, I reset one 44 class loco for a very special member and got it running again after it had given up the ghost. I have no idea why it would not move, it was not in a consist and we were addressing the loco with the correct address. However, the decoder reset did the business.  That is a good trick to know if you have trouble with a decoder.
Today I installed a decoder into a Life Like Us outline loco for another Club Member. I also set up the front headlight and added couplers.
This Tuesday we have our fortnightly meeting and it is being held at Lefty & Son’s place. I am looking forward to see if there has been any progress.  I'd bet there hasn't.
As mentioned earlier, I will be heading off to Armidale early on Friday morning, maybe between 7:00 and 8:00 am. I’m going with Peter, while another car has Geoff, Darren, Paul and Splitters tagging along behind. Brendan will probably do by himself.  Another Club member Bob is also attending.  It will be great to see the reprobates from DDMRC also on Friday night and catch up with other acquaintances while having a coloured lemonade, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.  I'm sure Baz will give me some stick about my blog.
While I will still be away next weekend, don’t worry, I still plan to post a blog about the convention next Sunday Night. Let’s hope we see you all at the Convention. Safe Journey to everyone attending.


  1. BOLIVIA will be present.
    I think the BLOGGER name on the name tag is a great idea.
    The owner of the name tag could add his BLOG name to it on the day ,All those in favour i,i,i Agreed.
    And to show some true country hospitality to all you flash city folk.
    If you can prove your a follower of BOLIVIA you get yourself an invite into the inner sanctum of BOLIVIA

  2. "Reprobates from DDMRC"!!
    I didn't realise there was another group coming from Toowoomba as well as us!

    Looking forward to see everyone next weekend.
    Yep the Blog name doesn't sound like a bad idea.
    Bill W

  3. See you there Craig.

  4. Guys, It will be good to catch up. Rohan, I am a follower of the Boliva Blog, so am I in? Bill, Yes it is the other group of guys from Toowoomba. Ian, we must talk about scratch building some points.


  5. Sure sounds like your in Graig .you meet all the strict criteria set down.What day would you like to view ?