Sunday, September 2, 2012

South Brisbane Interstate Coming Along

This week started with a trip over to Gentlemen Jim’s place on Thursday. Jim has decided to sell his collection and I met former fellow Tuesday Nighter Peter at midday at Jim’s place. We had a look through the collection. We decided that the best way to dispose of the collection is on ebay, however, with a couple of Buy and Sell events coming up – one in Caloundra in October and another at our Club in November, these avenues will be tried first. Peter took most of the American outline equipment in a suitcase to try and see if members of his North Coast Branch of the Tuesday Nighters (actually they meet during the day – as I don’t think they are allowed to play after dark) were interested.  What remains will go to the Buy and Sells. I have some of Jim's NSW equipment that I will ask the Tuesday Nighters if they are interested, otherwise it will go to the Buy and Sells.
I also have what I think is an entire collection of AMRM magazines from issue 1 through to the current issue from Jim. These will be provided to the Tuesday Nighters for dissemination and distribution. I can already see their eyes lighting up just thinking about this coming Tuesday. I also have a large collection of Model Railroaders from 1977 onwards to help get rid of. Given that there are now DVD’s available for both these great magazines, the value of the old paper issues has certainly diminished.
It looks like we were able to sell Jim’s 9’ x 5’ US outline layout. That is very good news as it will not even have to be moved. We will know more about this in the next two weeks.
Friday Night I had Paul come over to visit and get a tutorial on installing DCC decoders. Paul had an 80 class, which took a bit longer than normal, as it would not run after the decoder was installed. It looked like the wire to the bottom of the motor was not properly connected, as after I disassembled the loco and hit that wire with the soldering iron, it then worked. It was a good learning experience.  We then installed LED's for the front and rear headlights. We also checked out a Powerline 48 class loco (old version) and a couple of AR Kits 45 Class locos as candidates for decoders.
Yesterday I had about an hour and a half to spare in the later morning before heading off to an Engagement Party in the afternoon and having a skin full of free beer. So I installed four sets of points that I purchased the previous week at our Club Exhibition. I cut holes in the baseboard for Peco point motors and temporarily laid all the track for the first five tracks. Today I also spent some time down the shed again before lunch time. I added another point in the platform Road at South Brisbane Interstate along with its baseboard hole for the point motor. This allows the run around of locos hauling passenger trains into this location between the platform and the release road.  I then completed the track laying in the next three sidings at South Brisbane. I also relocated three trains into here. The Park Road paper train was pushed around and is in Number 1 siding. I have relocated my second steel train, that has sat in Cassino for the last 18 months and not turned a wheel, into Number 2 siding. I then gathered up 4 coal wagons and 4 wheat wagons that also have been sitting in various locations on the layout that I think I will now sell.  I then put these into Number 3 siding. The track work for the next three sidings had been just placed on the baseboard and after I acquire the last two points right hand curve points for these tracks they will also be laid.
The various lengths of flex track that I have left have been temporarily laid along the incline track from Clapham Yard to Dutton Park. I think I’m about six lengths of track short of completing this section, along with at least three dual gauge points for Clapham Yard and Loco Pilly, and of course the third rail from Clapham Yard to Dutton Park. If I can eventually get these items laid, I can then have trains running all the way into South Brisbane Interstate.
I think if I set myself a deadline of having trains operate into South Brisbane of Christmas 2012, I think I will be able to have my next operating session some time around that time. In the mean time, I need to complete the re-wiring of the 3rd and 4th power districts on the main layout and I will also have to consider if I make a fifth power district for the track work beyond Acacia Ridge Yard. I also have to install the phone system connections on the new top deck and the Staff System in 6 locations on the top deck. There are not really that many free weekends between now and then, with Club Meetings, other Club activities and Family Weddings to attend. But I will give it a try.
Tuesday this week is at Geoff’s and the next meeting after that is at my place. That will be the first real showing of the top deck extension. There is still two weekends to do some more work before then.

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