Monday, July 11, 2011

PC or Blogger?

I have been trying to reply to some comments lately and I can't - it is driving me mad.  I'm not sure if it an issue with my PC or with Blogger itself.  It keeps asking me for my password and nothing gets displayed.

So to the latest comment writers on my blog here is my comment.

Thanks Jonathan. One of our Club members has previously purchased LED's from DCC concepts. They were very happy with their service.  I'm thinking about purchasing either 100 or 500 from an ebay shop.  Also one of the Tuesday nighters was going to get some surface mount LED's of which a few of us were going to share with him.

Iain, I had seen your snap from a yahoo group and while I have my 8040 in Bicentennial colours I can't try and replicate that number specifically. However, mine might me a slightly darker shade of Blue.



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  1. I had the same problem. I found that you have to sign out of blogger and then it will work.