Saturday, June 4, 2011

Heading to Melbourne

This week I have not done much model railway related. Of course it started off on Tuesday Night with a get together at Barry's Place. Barry almost backs onto the Interstate railway line at Algester and we heard a south bound freight early on in the evening. I continued to get some suggestions for my next running session that I intend to investigate further.

Brendan brought along his Eureka CPH and showed it off. It was run on Barry's layout later on in the night. Brendan has done some surgery on the inside and hard wired a 6 function decoder. The vehicle has springs to connect the base to the top of the model for power distribution - pretty clever. When you take the top off, there are no wires linking the two pieces. The springs sit in little mounting plates and its is pretty groovey. This must be like what the FS and BS from Austrains are using. The decoder is fitted to the roof of the model. The 6 functions give and headlight and rearlight, and separately operated front and rear white and red marker lights.

Thursday this week, I headed over to Jaycar and purchased some wire. The plan was to install a control panel for Murwillumbah today - but I didn't. However, I had a visit from a guy from work and his 12 year old son. They both ran a train or two around the layout and back again. I think they were suitably impressed. I did however successfully install a new cable to my second Mini Panel. This has its address now set to 62.

Tomorrow I fly off at Melbourne. My travel arrangements were finally completed on Friday morning and I now have 4 nights accommodation booked instead of the one they originally booked me in for to attend a 4 day conference - Sometimes it is hard to get good help. The weather is not looking all that crash hot for next week - but I assume that is standard Melbourne weather. I have my list of hobby shops in the city CBD ready and I will attempt to visit them during the week. I can't remember when the last time I was in Melbourne. Maybe 5 years ago - I'm just not sure.

This weekend also marks the first outing of Splitters Swamp Creek on the exhibition circuit. It is attending the Toowoomba Show. I bet Geoff, Darren and Brendan are freezing their nads off up in the big shed up the top o fteh range. I also know that Ian from Coffs Harbour is also there. I also expect Tess will make a show tomorrow as well. That is 5 bloggers in the same place. Not a bad number. Lets hope that Geoff's layout is running well and not causing Geoff to loose any more hair - he can't afford to. Good Luck guys.

See you next week.

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