Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nothing to Report

This week started off with a Tuesday Nighters' event at Shelton's Place.  Nine (9) of us turned up at Shelton's to enjoy some tea, coffee, cake and VR Trains.  I took my NCE radio RB02 along and my radio procab and the guys ran a few trains between the Station, yard, and the loco area and the hidden dead end sidings.

Saturday was Club Day so I took along my thoughts for out new HO Clubroom layout and together with the others I think we have concensus on what it will look like.  I will draw up what I think was agreed and so will Bob.  We will get together at the next meeting to accept the final concept.  I think it will take 2 to 3 years to build if we can get the funds allocated.

Today I took my box of stuff that I took to Shelton's and over to the Club back down to the shed.  That was my only entry there.  I still have to give one of my 44 class locos a good service during the coming week as I did not do it this week.  I also have to get stuck into completing the demonstration models for my presentation and Clinic at the Narrow Gauge Convention at the Ipswich Railway Workshops over Easter in about 6 weeks time.  I also have to finish of my notes for Convention program. 

But no quality time in the Shed this week.

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