Sunday, January 10, 2010

Touch more Scenery

This week has seen very little change.  It started off early in the week when I hit my two 20' container skeletons for carrying 17 tonne roles of steel coils with the yellow oxide paint I got from supercheap the week before.  Just magic!  This was done afr coming home from work in the last 15 minutes of sunshine before dinner.  Over three other nights this week, I also finished off the next 5 of the steel cradles for holding the steel coils on the steel wagons.  These have yet to be painted.

Saturday as Club Meeting day so I went over to the Club at Brendale to do some work on the Club Exhibition layout.  This will be displayed at the Brisbane May Show on the first weekend in May at the Brisbane Exhibition Grounds.  I don't run trains at Exhbitions anymore, I just sit on my backside and do structure building with Jim Hutchinson and someone else (maybe Geoff).  I just make stuff out of styrene and try and convince people it is easy to do and hope they start doing it themselves.  Not that we get that much work done, we just talk and chat to the crowds.

I also delivered my weighbridge (built on New Years Eve for Darryl Dilger to Paint after Wednesday this week when he comes back from the mines.

I also installed another 12 posts (1.6mm styrene) for the chain wire fence around the Austeel Sheds display yard.  In December when I started the fencing I did not make enough posts - Doh!  After the new posts were installed, the whole area around this end of the module was hit with various brown and white sands and dirts for the base colour.  Next visit to the Club I will take some grey tile grout to simulate crusher dust paths around the area and then also some yellow and various green scatters for the grass around the compound.  I also installed about 1 metre of tule for chain wire around the new posts.  Superglue was dribbled down the posts and the tule held against until it set.  Looked quite good.  In February I will need to get some photos of the completed scene to show off here.

During the week at the Club, the Wednesday Crew scrapped the previous HO scale Exhibition layout and recovered some track, buildings, controllers and control panels.  I scavanged a few more bits and pieces on Saturday. Some things I had previously built for the layout were returned for refurbishment and possible re-use in the future somewhere else.

Today I spend some time in my shed scenicing the area south of Fairy Hill Loop and completing Fairy Lane.  I have decided on the name of the first house - it will be Ron and Marg's Bed and Breakfast.  It will be a little retreat for the railway enthusiest as it will back straight onto the railway line and will have a good viewing window for those trains rattling by at all hours. 

Ron and Marg's B&B

Ron and Marg's B&B Guest parking up the top of the hill

Close up of the Path down to the House


  1. No worries Craig I'd love a day at the show again this year! I most definitely took that as an invitation! I think that wagon building would be on the agenda this year if that's ok.

  2. How to install KD's on Lima rolling stock?
    Luca, Milan

  3. Luca,

    First I cut off the Lima Coupling from the bogie. I mostly use KD#5's. I packed out the under side of thw agon with with a 2mm thick styrene square (the same size as the KD) that is fixed to each end of each wagon. The KD's are test fitted, held in place with a rubber band before the wagon is tested against a KD height gauge. If OK, the KD's are glued to wagon and allowed to dry and Voila!