Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Scenery Begins

Last Tuesday the Tuesday Nighter's crew visited. I did receive some positive encouragement as to the progress thus far achieved. As promised last update, below is the photo on the area just past the Rocla Siding north of Grafton Yard heading towards Rappville loop and onto Cassino.

The bridge was scratch built by me about two years ago now at the Brisbane Model Railway Exhibition in May. The house is a Jim Hutchinson gift and the windmill is a brass model I purchased quite some years ago. Of course when this area is complete there will be fencing, driveways, sheds, cattle, railway access roads, a bit of greenery and a tree or two.

I also started working on a tunnel mouth near of the Running Creek Tunnels. This location is between Border Loop and the Risk Crossing Loop.

Only a few hours ago a decided to try and put some scenery in near Cassino. For quite some time, I have had some rather course chicken wire forming some base scenery outline. So I covered this with paper towel and then plaster soaked tissues. This is the Barker Street pedestrian crossing area that I intend to model. Left out of sight (to the south) is the Richmond River Bridge, while right (and north) is the Railway Avenue overbridge at Cassino.

The balsa wood is the what will become the bitumen road of Barker Street. I use a black/grey stain to achieve this. Below is a photo taken at this walkway many years ago looking south towards the Richmond River Bridge.

If you look north you see the overbridge.

This walkway is now closed.

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