Sunday, September 25, 2022

Modelling Update

We went to Shelton’s place last Tuesday and had a nice evening talking about model railways.  I think there was about 8 visitors, but we just sat in his pergola and talked, and dunk tea and coffee and ate.  We did not get to his shed to view any layout progress.

On Friday I was struggling with motivation for progressing my diorama for Armidale.  Saturday was the NMRA meeting at the nearby Logan Club.  There were four very good informative presentations on during the day and a fantastic lunch provided by the Club for those in attendance.  I do enjoy checking out the old HO layout at the Logan club as I was a member there about 20 years ago when it was constructed.  It certainly has had some very nice work done to it.  One presentation was by a friend Phil Flynn.  He is also making a small diorama to show off his “Lighting without Wiring” and particularly without soldering presentation.  Phil is presenting this session at the same time as I’m presenting mine at the October New England Convention.  So I was very happy to sit through his session.  So Phil's presentation triggered some thinking about how I was going to implement some interesting scenic effects on my layout.  Given I work in the IT sector, and have access to various fibre optics and understand their basic working principals, I knew what Phil was talking about, but never put 2 and 2 together to come up with a very simple solution to what I want to do in a section of my layout near the old Community Hall just off Fairy Lane.  Phil helped me solve a problem.  More on that when I schedule that work in November and December.  Sometimes you are just looking a solution right in the face and you do not see the answer.  Phil made it obvious.

On Saturday evening a few of us that used to work together in the same team over the last 10 or so years and my mate PK, went over to PK’s side of town to attend a belated 50th birthday party for one such work mate who moved on.  He just happens to be the husband of a lady in my team now.  It was a very nice night.  PK and I went halves in a 1:24 scale model car just like the make and model and year that is in his garage that he has restored.  I think it will be a great journey for him to build this model with his 10 year old son, and who knows what will come out of it.  Maybe he and or his son might enter the ranks of becoming another modeller.  The only issue was that we ordered the kit from a Sydney based hobby shop with express postage and 4 days later they said it is in the mail.  OMG I’d have to know what standard delivery is like, if this is express post.  You also guessed it, it did not turn up in time for teh party to give to our mate for his present, even though PK was advised on Friday that it was to be delivered that day.  That turned out to be Monday in a later email.  I guess Thursday’s public holiday did not help.  Once this model has safely arrived, that shop might get a blast or two from PK about lack of customer service, with a lecture on Express Postage.

Today however, I did get around to sitting at the kitchen table and I did some work on the diorama for Armidale.  Just before lunch I went for a walk around the block to take a photo of a particular sign that I will be (well I have already) produced in miniature form on my diorama.  Further works continued on completing the fencing and work has now commenced and will be completed next weekend of a scratch built fettler’s shed.

So I still have plenty to do, no motivation to do it and not much time left before it needs to be completed.  Oh well things change.

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